BTS Released Their Official Music Video for ‘Lights’ and Fans Are Freaking out

This boy band is back with their ever-inspiring lyrics. In July 2019, BTS released their song “Lights” — the group’s first Japanese song of the year. What is the meaning behind the music video? What is their fanbase saying about the new music? Learn more about BTS’ “Lights” here.

BTS perform onstage during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards | Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcp

‘Lights’ comes after the release of the game BTS World

On July 3 in Japan, the newest BTS single dropped online. Their song “Lights” features inspiring lyrics and is included on their ep, entitled Lights/Boy With Luv, which features a Japanese version of their single, “Boy With Luv.”

“Lights” comes after the release of the group’s game, BTS World. The game’s official soundtrack includes songs like “All Night” with Juice WRLD and “Brand New Day,” featuring Zara Larsson. However, according to Billboard, “Lights” is the first original Japanese single BTS released in 2019.

The music video for “Lights” premiered on YouTube and within a few hours, it was trending on the platform. The video currently has over 8 million views and 2 million likes. This newly released music video takes place partly inside a movie theater. Some fans tied this new music video with BTS’ music video for “Boy With Luv,” in which the boy band dances outside of a theater.

What is the meaning behind BTS’ song, ‘Lights’?

BTS is known for their message of self-love and acceptance. Naturally, the boys reflected that message in “Lights.” Fans interpret this song in different ways; some believe this song is written for and about BTS’ fanbase. Others believe this song is about the boys and how they uplift each other. Some fans think its a mixture of both.

One fan connected “Lights” and “Boy With Luv” to astrology and each of the boys’ stage personas. When they’re performing outside the theater for “Boy With Luv,” that’s the persona they choose to project, whereas, when they’re inside the theater for “Lights,” that’s how the boys genuinely feel.

“Jung says that the Persona is the mask and facade you wear every day. The guys have talked about the difference in the people who their stage names represent (V, RM, Jin, etc) compared to who they really are. The outside of this theater represents their personas,” said the Twitter user.

BTS | Kevin Mazur/WireImage

BTS fans are inspired by the song

With lyrics like, “because you light me up / we can walk unafraid you and I,” some BTS fans are feeling heard and feeling inspired. Members of the BTS Army took to Twitter, promoting the songs and thanking the boy bands for their inspiring and uplifting lyrics.

“[BTS] has the ability to release music I never knew I needed. They really know how to touch the soul and lighten our burdens. ‘Lights’ is out now. Let’s stream,” said another Twitter user.

Additionally, the artist, Lights, said that BTS fans were tweeting her after the song’s release. One fan replied to her tweet, urging the artist to listen to BTS’ newest song and watch the accompanying music video.

“We’d be very happy if u can give the song a listen. If u do, please pay attention to the lyrics [on closed captioning,]” said one Twitter user. “BTS is known for writing their own & they are always deep/comforting/meaningful/relatable. This song is very beautiful and meaningful.”

BTS’ song, “Lights,” is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major streaming platforms. Their music video for “Lights” is available on YouTube.