BTS Starts Another Global Movement With Public Art Project ‘Connect, BTS’

Truly no one is doing it like BTS. The Korean band just launched a global initiative called “Connect, BTS” as part of the unveiling of their upcoming album, Map of the Soul: 7. The ambitious project connects the music and art world with BTS acting as a patron behind multiple public art exhibits around the world.

BTS | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

What is ‘Connect, BTS?’

The project officially launched on Jan. 14. For the initiative, BTS works with art curators to showcase 22 artists at different exhibits in London, New York, Berlin, Buenos Aires, and Seoul.

The statement on the initiative’s website reads:

“‘CONNECT, BTS’ is a global project to connect five cities and 22 artists, each of whom contributes their unique philosophy and imagination to it. This project aims to redefine the relationships between art and music, the material and immaterial, artists and their audiences, artists and artists, and theory and practice. ‘CONNECT, BTS’ may be described in terms of a collective curatorial practice by curators around the world who resonated with BTS’s philosophy.”

The London exhibit recently opened

On Jan. 14, “Connect, BTS: Online” and “Connect, BTS: London” opened for fans. “Connect, BTS: London” takes place in The Serpentine Galleries in London and is also available at

The exhibit will be open from Jan. 14 to March 15 and features work from artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen. The exhibition is titled Catharsis and the artwork is “a digital simulation of a re-imagined ‘old-growth’ forest.”

Another gallery will open in Berlin on Jan. 15 followed by a show in Buenos Aires on Jan. 21. “Connect, BTS: Seoul” opens on Jan. 28 and the final exhibition “Connect, BTS: New York City” opens on Feb. 5.

‘Connect, BTS’ represents the group’s diverse and positive message

As artists, the members of BTS have tackled different social issues and topics in their music. Their early albums focused on the challenges faced by modern youth. Songs like “N.O” touched on the pressure students experience in the education system and “Baepsae” criticized the generational wealth gap that affects opportunities for younger generations.

In 2017, BTS began their monumental Love Yourself era. Through three albums, BTS explored the different types of love including self-love. During this time period, the members of BTS partnered with UNICEF and launched an anti-violence campaign called Love Myself.

Starting in 2019, BTS entered their Map of the Soul era which incorporates the teachings of psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung. With their EP Map of the Soul: Persona and upcoming album Map of the Soul: 7, BTS takes fans on a journey of discovering one’s true self.

With their new art initiative, BTS has launched another global movement. The group has bridged their music with artists around the world, and made art accessible to the public. In doing so, BTS has put diverse artists in the spotlight and provided educational opportunities for fans. “Connect, BTS” speaks to who the members of BTS are as artists and how their message transcends beyond music.

“It is a great honor to participate in CONNECT, BTS with such renowned artists and curators from all over the world,” BTS said in a statement. “This project is especially meaningful to us because it truly represents diversity and creates a collective, positive message for the world that we value. Through this project, we hope to return the great amount of love and support from our fans, ARMY, and all audiences.”