BTS: Will Suga Release a New ‘Agust D’ Mixtape? ARMY Is Hanging Onto Every Word

Most individuals know Min Yoongi as Suga in BTS, but the South Korean producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter also goes by another stage name — Agust D. Now, it’s been a solid three years since Suga released his Agust D solo mixtape, where the now 26-year-old delved into topics of depression and fame in the span of 10 songs. However, BTS fans are starting to think Agust D 2 is coming soon. And we can all thank a Spotify bio update for the sudden burst of excitement.

BTS fans noticed the Spotify bio for Agust D was updated

Suga of BTS visit The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show at Z100 Studio on April 12, 2019
Suga of BTS | Steve Ferdman/Getty Images for Elvis Duran

On Nov. 11, BTS fans noticed something different about Agust D’s Spotify profile. Previously, Agust D was the last of the BTS rapper line solo projects to receive a bio on the music streaming platform. But now, two paragraphs of text share Suga’s Agust D story. The bio reads:

Agust D is the alias of SUGA, a member of the global superstars BTS. The name was his stage name before his debut as BTS in the hip hop scene of his hometown Daegu, South Korea. It is an anagram formed of the letters SUGA combined with DT (D Town), which stands for Daegu.

Agust D has continued to develop and hone his personal style throughout his career as a musician, and has released his first entirely self-produced 10-track mixtape Agust D in August 2016. As Agust D, his style is unimpeded, rough-cut and powerful.

BTS fans predict Suga will release a new Agust D mixtape album soon

Naturally, BTS fans flocked to social media after the addition of Agust D’s Spotify profile. And for the most part, it seems discussions in regards to Suga’s second solo mixtape spawned throughout the community.

“Maybe they decided to put a bio on Agust D Spotify [profile] because AD2 is coming,” one fan theorized on Twitter.

Meanwhile, one Reddit fan wondered if the profile update could hint at a new song in the BTS Cypher series in the upcoming comeback.

AGUST D 2 on the way,” the Redditor wrote. “And I’m hella sure we are getting cypher V, or whatever they want to name it, in shadow.”

And while “Cypher V” may or may not happen, another fan hopes for a BTS rap line performance in the next album.

“They’ve said more than once the cypher series is definitely over,” the fan wrote. “But i’m ready to throw hands with hitman bang himself if we don’t get a rapline track on shadow.”

Members of ARMY also had other explanations for the Agust D Spotify bio update — and they have nothing to do with new music.

Yoongi fan accounts have been tagging Bighit on twitter for the past week as he was the only one who didn’t have one,” a fan on Reddit explained.

But even if some BTS fans don’t actually believe that Suga’s next solo project is on its way, they are still excited about the possibility of an Agust D mixtape in the future.

“This is probably not an indication that AD2 is on the way,” a fan shared. “But I’m not in the mood for realistic expectations today so AGUST D 2 IS COMING.”

BTS fans wonder if Spotify forgot about Gloss on Agust D’s profile

Aside from the buzz surrounding the potential new mixtape, a few individuals had a bone to pick with the Agust D Spotify bio. As you may know, Suga was an underground rapper known as Gloss before joining Big Hit Entertainment.

However, the Spotify bio says Suga’s stage name was Agust D prior to his BTS debut. The streaming service then noted Agust D originated from Suga’s name and possibly made it seem like Suga was his alias as an underground rapper before his Big Hit journey.

“At first read of the description, to non-ARMY it just makes it sound like Suga had always been his stage name even before,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

That said, some fans defended of Spotify’s bio, reminding other fans of BTS’s pre-debut training period.

“He was Suga whilst he was in bighit,” a fan explained. “Before he debuted, they were using their stage names, so there’s nothing wrong with the bio.”

Regardless, the addition of Agust D’s bio created a surge of excitement BTS fans didn’t even realize they needed. And the update comes days after ARMY celebrated the ninth anniversary of Suga’s move from Daegu to Seoul in pursuit of a career in music.

“9 years ago a 17 years old named Min Yoongi left Daegu to chase after his biggest dream to make music and live for it,” a Twitter user wrote on Nov. 7. “Now when we look at his journey, from Gloss to SUGA, Agust D to Yoongi, we see the talented, inspiring artist he’s become. Thank you for this.”

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