BTS: The Heartbreaking Reason Why Jimin Cried Over His Bandmates

Throughout the past several years, BTS has become one of the most popular bands of all time. They were founded in K-pop tradition but grew and expanded to travel the world, growing their fanbase to literally millions of supporters. BTS have broken numerous records and earned a place in history as the most successful K-pop group of all time.

After a brief hiatus from the music scene, BTS is now back in action, with a new series that offers superfans an inside look at the unique dynamics between the band members. Read on to learn how you can catch up with BTS and the sweet reason why band member Jimin got very emotional in a recent episode.

Jimin of BTS | Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

How did BTS become famous?

BTS formed in 2013 in South Korea. Although many fans now cannot fathom a time when BTS didn’t dominate the charts, the band actually worked and trained for several years before they started to experience any real level of success. Just like with other K-pop groups, BTS worked closely with their record label, studying choreography, dancing, singing, and fashion all while they built their brand. BTS had something special though, that many other groups didn’t possess — the ability to connect with fans through lyrics that spoke to many real-world issues that young people face.

By 2015, BTS’ songs had started to chart in South Korea and over the next several years, they achieved a massive level of success in their home country. International success would follow shortly after, and in 2017, the group made waves when they started winning Billboard Music Awards. The fanbase grew even larger, and the “BTS Army,” as the fans are now known, is definitely one of the most dedicated and intense groups of fans in popular music.

The group recently took a break

Although BTS is on top of the world, they need vacation time just like other working musicians. In the summer of 2019, BTS announced that they would be taking a small hiatus in order to recharge and enjoy some time away from the spotlight. Fans were supportive of their break and many posted on social media how they hoped that the group would be able to unwind and get in some good quality bonding time with each other.

Unlike many popular American bands, the members of BTS are very close to each other. After all, they have been consistently working together for over six years and know each other extremely well. While there’s no doubt that the group members always have each other’s backs, on a recent episode of their new docu-series, Bring The Soul, fans got an even closer look at the special bond that they all share. 

Jimin feels that the group is a ‘team’

There are seven members of BTS: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. While they all did slightly different things while on their hiatus, they did manage to spend a great deal of time together during their month away from performing.

Bring The Soul docu-series has focused on the relationships between the band members, especially during their summer break, and in one recent episode, Jimin and Jungkook sat down together to discuss how things have been lately. Jimin opened up about how lonely he has been since the band members moved to different rooms, and after he admitted to crying a few times, Jungkook teasingly asked him if it was because he liked all the band members “so much.”

Jimin then stated that in fact, he had cried recently because he went through some hard times, just like his fellow band members have. Jimin said that they “are a team” and therefore he cares even more.

There’s no doubt that the members of BTS are as close as can be, and have good things to look forward to — both in their personal and professional lives.