BTS: The Real Reason the K-Pop Band Is Learning English Better

The K-pop band, BTS is gaining popularity all over the world. But that’s not enough for these guys, they want world domination as well. Or at least it seems they’re trying to get as close to it as possible. And according to Hollywood Life, their next step is to learn English.

BTS is on a break to ‘relax and recharge’

Park Ji-min, Jungkook and Kim Seok-jin of BTS | Noam Galai/Getty Images

For the time being, BTS is on a break from music. It’s a well-deserved break, considering the group has been performing nonstop since 2013, including three world tours. Everyone needs a break sometimes, and BTS has been working so hard, it’s important they take time to relax before they wear themselves out. 

In a press release for Big Hit Entertainment, BTS management stated, “This will also provide them with a chance to enjoy the ordinary lives of young people in their 20s, albeit briefly. During this time, the members will rest and recharge in their own personal ways.”

Their management promised the guys would come back recharged and ready to take on new opportunities, including the chance to “return all the love you have and continue to show them.”

BTS is rumored to be learning English

This vacation won’t be all rest, though. A source told Hollywood Life that BTS is planning to use this time off to learn English. They already know a number of languages, including Chinese, Tagalog, Russian, Portuguese, French, and Arabic. During their tours, the guys often use their multilingual skills to talk to the crowd on-stage or to do interviews.

And even though they’ve been to a number of English speaking locations for concerts, many of the members of the band have yet to learn the language. They are able to speak a small amount of English, but only RM is fluent. This break will be a great opportunity for them to improve their English skills. 

Currently, the band doesn’t sing in English, and they don’t have any English songs. However, most of their songs do have English titles, which helps their English-speaking fans. If all goes well with their English lessons, we could potentially see them using the language more in their songs, maybe even on their next album. But fans shouldn’t hold their breath since the band has expressed that they do not intend to sing in English

There is one exception: BTS once did a collaboration with American DJ Steve Aoki and that song is in English. The track, called Waste It On Me, appears on DJ Steve Aoki’s album, so it’s not technically a BTS song. 

Other K-Pop groups have members who are fluent in English

K-pop has been gaining popularity in the states for years so it would make sense that the band would want to become more familiar with the language. They certainly wouldn’t be the first K-Pop band to have multiple members who are fluent in English.

Blackpink, an all-female K-pop group from South Korea, has also swiftly been gaining international acclaim. All four members of the band are multilingual and three of them are fluent in English. But it’s not their language skills that typically grabs fans’ attention — not unlike BTS.

BTS has a super loyal fan base, the ARMY, and like any other fan group, they have countless reasons to love the band. Plus with all of the success BTS has experienced so far, it’s not like the band is suffering from not having more members fluent in English. In fact, it has absolutely no effect on them. RM is fluent and is able to translate in public and most fans don’t mind reading the subtitles on their songs. If the band wants to improve their English, it could help them in some areas, but they have proven that they don’t need to master the language to be successful.