BTS To Release ‘Bring The Soul’ Docu-Series

BTS Press Conference
BTS|(JTBC PLUS/Imazins via Getty Images)

If members of BTS ARMY were worried they would not have enough BTS content during the group’s two-month hiatus, they don’t have to worry anymore. The K-pop group’s documentary Bring the Soul: The Movie is currently in theaters, and moviegoers were quick to notice an announcement made during the film. On Aug. 27, a docu-series titled Bring the Soul will be available to fans.

What is Bring the Soul’?

So far, not much is known about the docu-series. No official announcement has been made besides the information posted during Bring the Soul: The Movie. Most likely, the series will be similar to the group’s TV show BTS: Burn The Stage. The eight-episode series showed behind-the-scenes footage of BTS touring during their Wings: Live Trilogy World Tour.

Following the TV series, the group released their first documentary Burn the Stage: The Movie. Both the documentary and TV show told similar stories that gave fans an idea of what touring was like for BTS. Fans saw the Bangtan Boys during their highs and lows, showing that while they are internationally-renowned artists, they are also human.

While BTS: Burn The Stage premiered on YouTube Premium, Bring the Soul will be available for fans exclusively on Weverse. For fans who do not have Weverse, it is an online community that allows fans to connect with each other and their favorite artists. The app is available in the App Store and Google Play. It is unclear if the docu-series will be available to all Weverse users or if it will be an in-app purchase.

Bring tissues to ‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’

Even though the limited run of Bring the Soul: The Movie just started, fans have already discussed their love for the movie on social media. For those who have not seen the movie yet, the general consensus seems to be that fans should come armed with tissues. Touring is oftentimes strenuous for artists and can take a toll on them mentally and physically. While fans appreciate the hard work artists put into their shows, it is hard for fans to see their favorite musicians go through difficult times.

“What was your favorite part of Bring The Soul? For me is was all of it. It felt so good to relive the concert and see their thoughts about the whole tour. Most parts were really sad though…but our buys pushed through and now they are resting…” wrote a Twitter user

Another wrote, “bring the soul was so good and sad at the same time :(“

“i came back from bring the soul feeling like i have post concert depression… it really hit THAT hard,” wrote a fan.

Fans love that BTS is honest with them

While some fans might feel dissuaded from seeing the documentary because of its sad nature, other fans found the movie to be a fun experience. According to some fans, Bring the Soul: The Movie is even better than Burn the Stage: The Movie.

“Fangirling aside, #BringTheSoul is a really well-made documentary. The quality and direction JUMPED from Burn The Stage. It’s really, Really, REALLY well-edited. Humor and drama are interspersed in wholesome crumbs through the whole duration. Tension’s built up very well,” said one fan.

BTS smashes records in film and music, but the Bangtan Boys also have a reputation for the way they connect with fans. Their music encourages their fans to love themselves and the boys never shy away from showing their darker moments. There’s no question that honesty will be present in the Bring the Soul docu-series.