BTS: How Long Has V Had His Dog Tannie?

To be honest, much of our concern has always been on BTS’ new albums, songs, and dance moves. However, anytime RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and V want to give us a glimpse into their personal lives — we eat it right on up. 

Therefore, when V was recently spotted with his precious Pomeranian pup Tannie (full name Yeontan Kim), the BTS ARMY literally lost it. We’ve all seen Tannie on BTS’ Bangtan Bomb clips, concert VCRs, VLIVEs, and documentaries. However, this is the first time V has ever given us a glimpse of Tannie in public, and it was more thrilling then we could imagine.

But how long has V had Tannie?

BTS’ V was spotted with his dog Tannie at the airport

The ARMY almost fell into chaos when they caught an unexpected glimpse of Tannie with V at the airport. BTS fans had expected to see photos and videos of the K-Pop group since they have fan meetings in Japan Nov. 23 and 24. However, nothing could have prepared them for the unexpected delight that is Tannie.

When BTS arrived at the Gimpo International Airport in Seoul, Korea, to travel to Japan — V was spotted clutching Tannie under his arm. Unfortunately, Tannie was just there to wish V goodbye, because the boy bander quickly passed him to a staff member before joining the rest of the group in the car.

The BTS ARMY was thrilled to see Tannie out and about

Tannie probably had no idea what was going on when V hugged him. However, the ARMY was certainly thrilled. One fan tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS ROCKSTAR TANNIE MAKING HIS FIRST AIRPORT APPEARANCE WITH HIS ONE AND ONLY MANAGER KIM TAEHYUNG.” Another added, “The manager put Tannie on the floor of the car, but Taehyung was like “Nope, my child gets his own seat” and placed him up on the chair.”

Fans also noticed how deep V’s love for Tannie runs. As the vehicle pulled off with the little dog in it — fans realized how heartbroken V looked. One BTS fan said, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TANNIE KEPT ON LOOKING AT HIS DAD.”

Thankfully, this fan event is just a few short days. In fact, we know that V will return to Korea before the end of the month since BTS is scheduled to perform at the Melon Music Awards on Nov. 30. 

V has had Tannie for two years

Tannie celebrated his second birthday on Sept. 7, and it was truly a momentous occasion. The tiny dog used to live with BTS at their lavish home in South Korea. However, due to the close quarters and V’s hectic work schedule –Tannie now lives with his parents. 

Still, the Pomeranian is very much a part of the BTS family. For Tannie’s birthday — a member of the ARMY helped organize two events. They donated goods to PARC (PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center)  — an organization that combats animal neglect and they also adorably had videos and photos of Tannie displayed on a local MAAX building.

Tannie is king.