BTS’s Website Is Down and It Might Mean a Comeback Is Near

Not to cause a mass panic but BTS’s website is down. Websites routinely need maintenance, so normally this would not be a big deal. However, because BTS and Big Hit Entertainment have been hinting about BTS’s comeback for weeks the timing of this cannot be ignored.

BTS comeback
BTS | Amanda Edwards/FilmMagic

Nobody can access BTS’s website

When one tries to visit BTS’s website, they are met with an error message. It does not matter if one tries to visit the website through Big Hit Entertainment’s website or through a search engine. We tried multiple ways and got the same message every time.

Big Hit Entertainment’s website and all of the company’s other family websites are functional. Big Hit Audition and Tomorrow X Together’s websites can be visited, but BTS’s website cannot be accessed.

As soon as one clicks on the website, a 504 error message appears. The error message reads: “The request could not be satisfied.” While there is a chance it could just be server error, we are hoping it means something more.

ARMY immediately came to the conclusion it could mean a BTS comeback

ARMY has suspected a BTS comeback since the fall of 2019. BTS confirmed that they are working on a new album that will arrive sometime in 2020. Because of this, the timing of the error message on BTS’s website seems to be more than a coincidence.

One fan tweeted, “I’m not saying you should panic because BTS section of bighits website cannot be accessed but that’s exactly what I’m saying! cb season is here!”

“Not to make y’all panic but… BTS …section..on..BH..’….,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Fans of artists often look for clues for upcoming album releases. Before Taylor Swift announced Lover, all of the Reputation merchandise on the singer’s website went on sale. BTS’s website being down could be a sign the website is undergoing maintenance to prepare for something new.


“Just a reminder that BTS section on bighit’s website is still not working and most probably we are getting that comeback soon,” a fan tweeted.

Fans originally thought BTS might release their album on Jan. 10

After BTS’s Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards performances, fans deduced that the date Jan. 10 is important for BTS’s comeback. The date was shown multiple times during the performances, most noticeably when RM performed “Intro: Persona” at 2019 MMA.

With BTS’s album due to arrive sometime in 2020, fans assumed Jan. 10, 2020 was the album release date. Typically, Big Hit Entertainment announces an album about a month before it’s actual release date. This gives fans time to pre-order the album.

Big Hit Entertainment did not drop a comeback announcement on Dec. 10, 2019. If the company is truly doing site maintenance on BTS’s website to prepare for a comeback, then it seems like BTS could drop a new album in January or February. Right now, media in Korea suspects a February comeback, but nothing is confirmed.