BTS Will Release Vlogs of Their Vacation and ARMY Is Not Prepared

When ARMY says they are overwhelmed with the amount of content BTS releases, they mean it. Big Hit Entertainment just announced that each member of the group will release a vlog of their vacation from when the group was on hiatus. It’s safe to say BTS vacation vlogs were the last thing ARMY expected.

BTS vacation vlogs
BTS | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for SiriusXM

The members of BTS are officially YouTube vloggers

Jungkook’s mixtape? Map of the Soul: Shadow? BTS: Bon Voyage season 4? None of these matter because the members of BTS are officially vloggers. Starting in October, each member will upload a vlog of their vacation to the BANGTANTV YouTube channel.

Suga’s vlog is the first one to release and comes out on Oct. 2. By the looks of the screencap, the video will show Suga’s fishing trip with Jin. J-Hope’s vlog is second and features “#LA.” Fans will probably see a more in-depth look at his trip to Los Angeles to shoot the music video for “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

RM’s vlog uploads on Oct. 4 and says “Vlog in Europe.” The rapper notably traveled to several countries during BTS’s vacation. On Oct. 7, Jin’s vlog releases and appears to also show the fishing trip with Suga.

V’s vlog is the fifth video and has a release date of Oct. 9. The screencap of the video shows V adorably cuddling with his dog, Yeontan. Jimin’s vlog comes out on Oct. 10 and shows the singer’s travels around the world. Jungkook’s vlog releases on Oct. 11 and looks like it will show the youngest member working out in a gym.

BTS fans do not know how to feel about the group’s vacation vlogs

ARMY’s reactions to the vlog announcement were all over the place. Some fans were touched that BTS still thought of ARMY while on vacation. Others were upset the BTS members were still filming content on their break. A lot of fans responded to the announcement with jokes, because that’s how the fandom and BTS communicate with each other.

“tell me why i actually trusted bighit to let bts take a break without having to vlog it..,” a fan tweeted.

“A travel vlog……. just when i thought they are fully away from cameras or recording, yet they still have something prepared for us. I truly dont deserve @BTS_twt,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

“i cannot believe they filmed vacation logs for us its their vacation but they still thought of sharing it with us from weverse to pics to vlives and even a whole vlog we dont deserve bts,” a member of ARMY tweeted.

“the respect they are paying to our bts as youtubers au’s rn is unmatched,” one fan joked on Twitter.

Some BTS fans still expect an announcement about a new album

BTS fans have spent the last few months speculating when the group’s next album will drop. Most fans assume it will drop in either October or November. The announcement about BTS’s upcoming vacation vlogs made some fans even more suspicious.

“BTS are dropping a vacation vlog almost every day? Something is coming. Content schedule this dense is ALWAYS a distraction,” a fan wrote on Twitter.