BTS’s Music Video for ‘Fire’ Reaches 600 Million Views on YouTube

BTS Fire
BTS | (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The members of BTS are some of the most popular music artists in the entire world. The group sells out stadiums on world tours and breaks YouTube records. After debuting in 2013, BTS has countless popular songs. The music video for one of their most popular songs, “Fire,” just surpassed 600 million views on YouTube.

BTS released ‘Fire’ in 2016

BTS released the song “Fire” in 2016. The song was included on their compilation album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever. The music video earned praise for the group’s intense choreography. In 2018, Billboard ranked “Fire” as one of BTS’s best 50 songs.

“It doesn’t get more energetic than ‘Fire,’ an explosive, funky electro-pop single that thrives on frenzied synths and whirring sirens as the seven sing and rap about setting the world’s expectations aflame,” wrote Billboard. “As good as BTS are at evocative dance tracks, it’s bangers like ‘Fire’ where their dynamism truly thrives.”

‘Fire’ is the second BTS music video to surpass 600 million views

The music video for “Fire” is the second BTS music video to surpass 600 million views on YouTube. The group’s music video for “DNA” currently has over 826 million views on YouTube. BTS released “DNA” with their EP Love Yourself: Her in 2017. The song was also included on their 2018 compilation album Love Yourself: Answer.

Several BTS music videos are close to reaching the 600 million views milestone. The music video for “Fake Love” has over 585 million YouTube views. “Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)” has over 555 million views on YouTube. BTS released the music video for “Boy With Luv” in April 2019 and it already has over 542 million YouTube views.

‘Fire’ is one of BTS’s most iconic songs

As a song, “Fire” has truly stood the test of time as BTS continues to rise in popularity. There are several iconic moments over the years involving the song. Jin’s blonde hair and Suga’s iconic line “bultaoreune” wowed fans when the music video first premiered.

In 2016, V yelled out “It’s my birthday!” while performing the song at the KBS Music Festival. Every time the group performs the song on tour, fans are wowed by Jimin’s dance moves during the song’s opening. To celebrate the music video surpassing 600 million views, BTS fans trended #Fire600M on Twitter.

“#Fire600M FUN FACT : YOONGI’s ICONIC LINE : bultaoreune Has now been viewed 600 MILLION TIMES,” wrote a BTS fan on Twitter.

“fire era was jin’s era breathe if you agree #FIRE600M,” a fan tweeted.

“fire hit 600mil views and it’s joons birthday week, what a time to be alive #FIRE600M,” another wrote.