BTS’s Performance of ‘Boy With Luv’ on James Corden’s ‘Homefest’ Is an Instant Mood Lifter

On March 30, 2020, James Corden hosted a primetime special episode of The Late Late Show Starring James Corden called “Homefest.” The episode encouraged viewers to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and featured performances from artists around the world. For the special, BTS performed their 2019 single, “Boy With Luv.”

BTS | Michael Stewart/WireImage

James Corden encouraged viewers to help prevent the spread of coronavirus

Corden hosted the episode of The Late Late Show from his garage, and the special encouraged viewers to follow guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Corden also asked viewers to donate to two different charities, Feed the Children and The CDC Foundation, if they are able.

Will Ferrell performed a skit in his home about the importance of washing one’s hands and David Blaine performed magic with Corden via a livestream. The special also connected musicians from around the world with viewers as a way to unify everyone.

Billie Eilish, FINNEAS, and John Legend performed in Los Angeles, Dua Lipa performed from London, Andrea Bocelli performed in Italy, and BTS performed from South Korea. Ben Platt and the cast of Dear Evan Hansen ended the special with a performance of “You Will Be Found.”

BTS shared a message for their fans

Before their performance, BTS offered words of encouragement to their fans around the world and the viewers of “Homefest.”

“ARMYs!! Are you doing well? I miss you so much and wanna meet you guys soon,” V told fans according to an online translation.

RM then acknowledged that although many around the world feel physically isolated, everyone is still connected and unified through this experience.

“We’re so grateful we can connect with you from here. It may seem like we’re isolated but we’re still connected through our shared experiences, courage, and laughter,” RM said.

BTS performed ‘Boy With Luv’ on ‘Homefest’

The members of BTS then performed “Boy With Luv” from their studio. The band first released the song in April 2019 as the lead single from their EP Map of the Soul: Persona. It’s also featured on their new album Map of the Soul: 7.

Dance practice videos are beloved by ARMY because the videos show the hard work that goes into the group’s choreography. Fans are able to notice more detail without the production that typically accompanies live performances. For the “Boy With Luv” performance on “Homefest,” BTS channeled their dance practice videos that fans know and love.

In doing so, BTS managed to capture a low-key and relaxing energy. While one might expect the group to perform one of the singles from Map of the Soul: 7, “Boy With Luv” proved to be the right choice. It’s upbeat, catchy, and filled with positivity.

The song is an instant mood lifter, and takes fans familiar with BTS back to a happier time. Decked out in comfortable clothing, BTS’s calm and soothing energy transcended to viewers. It served as a reminder that although things are difficult right now, things will get better.

BTS’s performance on ‘Homefest’ helped lift moods around the world

During the “Homefest” special, BTS fans trended #BTSONHomefest on Twitter. The performance proved to uplift fans’ moods around the world, showing the comforting effect the members of BTS had with their words and performance.

“it really is so good to see them, their words will always be so comforting to hear. just remember we will all get through this together @BTS_twt #BTSONHomeFest,” a fan tweeted.

“I really miss them performing boy with luv. Thank you @JKCorden for this opportunity, we really missed them performing :( #BTSONHomeFest @BTS_twt,” wrote a Twitter user.