BTS’s Riyadh Concert Means More to ARMY Than Another Sold Out Stadium

BTS is known to break records, and the group’s concert in Riyadh is no exception. With the concert, BTS is the first foreign act to hold a solo stadium concert in Saudi Arabia. The concert is sold out, but to ARMY the concert represents more than another sold out stadium.

BTS Riyadh Concert
BTS | John Lamparski/WireImage

BTS shows respect for their fans all over the world

From the moment BTS arrived in Saudi Arabia, the group displayed how much they respected their fans in the country. According to Big Hit Entertainment, the choreography of the show was modified to make it more modest and all of the staff working the event were educated on customs and how to dress.

“BH says they have prepared for @BTS_twt’s 1st large concert in the Middle East. The entire crew, including dancers & staff, have been educated on local customs & encouraged to dress appropriately out of respect. The performance will be toned down, no abs & less intimate choreo,” wrote a Twitter user.

“bighit staff and backup dancers had lessons on islamic culture before going to Riyadh and are even modifying some choreography like shirt lifting to be respectful… I HAVE NEVER LOVED PEOPLE MORE,” a fan tweeted.

BTS stopped their concert rehearsal for Adhan

BTS showed their respect even more as they rehearsed for the concert in Riyadh. During a rehearsal, the group stopped rehearsing for Adhan, the Islamic call to prayer. When the news of BTS’s respect reached fans, they expressed their gratitude on social media.

“bts stopped their rehearsal for azaan (the call to prayer). these men are so respectful towards my religion when it’s not even widespread where they live. my own country and people don’t even have this type of tolerance towards us…,” a fan tweeted.

“BTS really stopped their rehearsal for the call to prayer, I’m extremely happy and proud to know that I’m supporting the best men in the world. They’re considerate and educated, the respect they show towards our religion is so touching and heartwarming, I LOVE THEM,” another fan tweeted.

The group inspires people all over the world

BTS has one of the most diverse fan bases in the world. The members of BTS often say they gained fans all over the world because of their sincerity and the message of love in their music. This message was displayed as BTS rehearsed for the concert. 

A group of BTS fans gathered outside the stadium to listen to BTS rehearse. The group consisted of men and women from all over the world, and the fans sang along outside as BTS rehearsed the setlist. Videos of the fans singing spread throughout social media, showing just how BTS unites fans all over the world. 

“BTS has done something not many can do. They have united people from across the globe and inspired them to love themselves and each other. We all speak @BTS_twt’s language…love. #BTSinRiyadh,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

“The pre @BTS_twt concert atmosphere is so amazing that I can feel the love and excitement over twitter. I hope everyone who goes to the concert has the time of their lives…,” one fan tweeted.

ARMY helped fans attend BTS’s concert in Riyadh

While ARMY does charity projects to support the members of BTS, the fans also help each other. Before the concert in Riyadh, fans helped raise money for those who could not afford tickets.

“In today’s news: According to @ARAB1_ARMY, the official Arab fanbase for the group, Saudi Arabian fans recently raised 7800 Saudi Riyal (over $2000 USD) to buy concert tickets for fans unable to afford attendance costs,” wrote a Twitter user.