BTS’s V Honored Yeontan With a Shirt and ARMY Can’t Handle the Cuteness

BTS member V posted a photo on Twitter, and it resulted with his dog “Tannie” trending worldwide on Twitter. The power. The impact. Truly no one is doing it like BTS, and no one is doing it like Yeontan.

BTS V Tannie
V of BTS | Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

BTS’s V wrote on his shirt to honor Yeontan

V posted a photo of himself wearing a shirt that read “My cat is Rockstar & I’m a manager.” Except “cat” was crossed out and V wrote “Tan” above it. Yeontan is V’s Pomeranian who is affectionately called “Tan” and “Tannie” by the BTS members and ARMY. BTS fans loved the humorous twist on the shirt.


“tae: cat person?? nah im a tan person,” a fan joked on Twitter.

“‘My Tan is rockstar & I’m a manager’ THAT’S SO CUTE IM,” another fan tweeted.

BTS fans trended ‘Tannie’ worldwide on Twitter

After V posted the photo, BTS fans trended “Tannie” worldwide on Twitter. Within minutes, the word trended at No. 6 worldwide. ARMY found the shirt that V wrote on and found it cost around $36 USD. V could afford to purchase a personalized shirt with Yeontan’s name, but instead the singer chose to simply write on the shirt with a pen. Something about the simplicity of V writing on the shirt to honor Yeontan made the shirt even more special.

“taehyung wrote on a $37 shirt with a pen.. just to put tannie’s name,” a fan tweeted.

“taehyung’s shirt cost $36 and he really wrote tannie’s name on it purposely. if this ain’t the sweetest thing ever then idk what it is,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Yeontan is very loved in the BTS fandom

Yeontan is beloved by the members of BTS and ARMY. The dog grew up in BTS’s dorm with the members and now lives with V’s parents due to BTS’s busy schedule. Yeontan appeared in V’s recent vacation vlog on YouTube and often appears on BTS’s Twitter account. After V posted a photo of the shirt, BTS fans posted their own tweets to honor Yeontan, the Rockstar.

“Tannie our little Rockstar And Tae is a proud father,” a fan tweeted.

“idk a yeontan,i only know rockstar tannie,” wrote a Twitter user.

“if tae says that tannie is a rockstar then tannie is a rockstar and no one can argue,” one fan tweeted.

ARMY celebrated Yeontan’s birthday in September

This is not the first time the BTS fandom has celebrated Yeontan on social media. In September 2019, ARMY adorably celebrated Yeontan’s birthday. The dog turned two years old on Sept. 7, 2019. For Yeontan’s birthday, BTS fans trended multiple hashtags including #KingYeontanDay, #HappyBirthdayTannie, and #HappyBirthdayYeontan on Twitter.

“yes i love the virgos in bts … namjoon, jungkook, and yeontan,” a fan tweeted.

“#KingYeontanDay for being the best boi in the world you deserve every treat in the universe,” a fan wrote a on Twitter.