Buckingham Palace Has Confirmed Meghan Markle is Officially in Labor

It’s finally time: Meghan Markle is officially in labor. Several news outlets, along with Buckingham Palace, have confirmed the duchess is officially in the hospital expecting her baby, and fans on both sides of the pond are absolutely thrilled. Here’s everything we know about Baby Sussex’s arrival — and what comes next.

Meghan Markle is officially in labor. | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Meghan originally said she was due in late April

When Meghan and Harry first announced their pregnancy last October, Kensington Palace gave very few details about Baby Sussex. The public was only told the baby was due in spring 2019. However, while out on an engagement, Meghan told fans that her baby was due in late April. Since then, people have been taking bets on when the baby would actually arrive. The first child often doesn’t arrive on the due date, since some mothers tend to give birth late and others on the early side. Meghan and Harry did not disclose the baby’s gender or potential names.  

The couple announced they would keep the birth of their baby private

During Meghan’s pregnancy, people were also wondering whether she would give birth in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital the way so many royal women had before. However, as her due date got closer, people suspected more and more that her baby’s birth would be different. Now, the couple is reportedly keeping the birth private. While it’s inevitable the press will find out when Meghan goes into labor, as they already have, since they’re watching like hawks, the couple doesn’t want to release any official information about the baby until a few days after Baby Sussex is born. Some gave Meghan a hard time for choosing to keep the birth private, since the Lindo Wing has become royal tradition, but she likely just doesn’t want to subject the baby to so much media so soon after his or her arrival.

Buckingham Palace has confirmed Meghan is officially in labor

As of the morning of May 6, several news outlets have reported that Meghan is officially getting ready to deliver her baby. Now, Buckingham Palace has confirmed the news as well. Us Weekly, Today, Good Day New York, The Sun, and other news outlets have all spread the word the Meghan and Harry are extremely close to becoming parents. According to Good Day New York, Meghan was induced because her due date, which was supposedly a week ago, came and went. It’s still unclear what hospital the duchess is in and how far along she is in the baby’s birth, but it’s pretty evident there will be a new little royal in the family very shortly.

The couple likely won’t officially announce the birth for several days

Although the press has already leaked that Meghan is in labor, it will probably still be several days before we get an official announcement from the royal family. Meghan’s team had said she wanted to keep the birth as private as possible, and the couple is reportedly going to pose for photos with the baby on the grounds of Windsor Castle after they’ve had a few days to spend with their little one, and Meghan has recovered a bit from the birth.

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