‘Buying It Blind’: Would You Buy a House Without Ever Seeing the Inside?

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Would you buy a home without seeing it first? Surprisingly, some people have no problem purchasing a home in the absence of an in-person viewing. A Redfin survey of homebuyers and sellers revealed one in five reported making a bid on a home without seeing the property in person.

Similarly, in the new Bravo reality show, Buying It Blind, couples let a team of experts they’ve never met purchase a new home for them, sight unseen. We’re interested to see how this all turns out.

Here’s what Buying It Blind contestants are in for

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If you like being in control, this is not a show you would want to be on. Show participants are required to hand over their trust and their money. On Buying It Blind, each person must “hand over their entire life savings and all control to a team of strangers,” according to a Bravo press release.

However, if you find making decisions stressful, this could be a chance for you to free yourself from the responsibility of finding a new home. Participants fork over their cash to realtor Anna Kilinski, contractor Jen Metzger, and designer Michel Smith Boyd, reports People. Boyd is known for redecorating Sheree Whitfield and Marlo Hampton’s homes on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Why on earth are people letting a reality show make a major life decision for them?

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According to Bravo’s site, couples come to the show as a last resort once they’ve gotten to the point where they can’t seem to make a homebuying decision. “With their life savings on the line and neither side willing to compromise or commit to major decisions, these couples are willing to surrender total financial and creative control to a team of experts,” says the show’s description on the Bravo website.

Well, there you have it. Decision fatigue drives some people to the brink. However, the couples do have some say in the type of home that’s purchased. They meet with the experts to discuss what they want and need in a home before the team buys the house.

Should you buy a home without seeing it first?

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A big reason you might want to purchase a home without viewing it in person first is because you’re concerned about the property being snatched up by another buyer. Although buying a home sight unseen might sound like a good idea at the moment, there’s a lot that could go wrong.

If you decide to go ahead and purchase a house without seeing it, there are a few steps you should take to make sure this is a good investment. One option is to send over a family member or friend to take a look at the home before you make your offer.

Karla Kirkpatrick-Adams, a Denver-based real estate agent, told Redfin it’s also important to have an inspection. She suggests including an inspection contingency in the offer. Redfin’s Alina Ptaszynski mentions having the inspector video stream the inspection, so you can be aware of any issues and get a better idea of the home’s layout.

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