Caelynn Miller-Keyes Confirmed Dean Unglert ‘Doesn’t Smell Great’ After Not Showering for 8 Days

On this past season of Bachelor in Paradise, we saw plenty of heartbreak, drama, and of course, love. And while a few couples ended up getting engaged at the end of the season, a fan-favorite couple chose to leave Paradise altogether and pursue their romance off-camera — and that was Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert. While Miller-Keyes was preoccupied with her past with Blake Horstmann and hopeful for a connection with Connor Saeli at first, it was Unglert who stole her heart. And the two seem totally perfect for each other now.

The couple’s still going strong despite their differences. We know Unglert loves to travel and live off the land in his van — and his recent Twitter conversation with Miller-Keyes shows he’s not changing his ways for her. Here’s what Miller-Keyes just said about how Unglert smells after eight days of van life with no shower.

Dean Unglert is currently traveling around the U.S. in a van

Bachelor fans were first introduced to Unglert and his eccentric family on Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette. But on the latest season of BiP, we got a taste of Unglert’s current lifestyle — and it includes living out of a van. “I’m just, like, trying to travel the country and see what happens. I live in a van now. I’m planning on [traveling] all across the continental U.S. and then maybe up into Canada as well,” Heavy reports Unglert told Entertainment Tonight.

As for why Unglert made this decision, it seems he was inspired by Free Solo, the documentary following rock climber Alex Honnold. “I’ve just always kind of had like a nomadic spirit in me, and I’ve always wanted to do it, and I was, like, no better time than now. I’m single and unemployed and now I’m homeless, so I might as well do it, you know?” he continued telling ET.

Since living the van life, Unglert has posted many videos and photos to his Instagram of his adventures, too, so it’s clear he’s enjoying the freedom the van offers.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes is also adapting to van life

Caelynn Miller-Keyes attends boohoo x Caelynn Beachside Brunch at Calamigos Beach House
Caelynn Miller-Keyes attends boohoo x Caelynn Beachside Brunch at Calamigos Beach House | Presley Ann/Getty Images for

Unglert seemed committed to living in his van even if it meant giving up dating. And while he hit it off with Miller-Keyes upon first meeting her in Paradise, we can’t forget that he thought their lifestyles would be way too different to ever make things work between them in the real world. He chose to give the relationship a try anyway — and he’s definitely glad he did, as Miller-Keyes is actually embracing the van life fully now despite her pageant girl past.

“In most relationships I’ve dealt with, [I’ve had] a sort of complacency,” Miller-Keyes told ET, according to Cosmopolitan. “People are just complacent in their lives and they’re happy where they’re at, which is not an issue. But Dean is always searching for more and he’s making me want to better myself and search for more as well. It’s been great.” Not only that, but she also spoke with Access about her love of the van life. And she explained that half of her family are quite adventures and live in Airstreams, and that’s the part of herself she’s now learning to fully embrace.

Miller-Keyes commented on Unglert’s smell after his latest adventure

Living in a van means showers are sparse, and Heavy notes Unglert has commented on how he’ll use his friends’ showers or various bodies of water to wash up. Recently, he even commented via Twitter on his lack of showering on his most recent trip. As Unglert tweeted, “it’s been 8 days since my last shower. i’m omw to caelynns now so i told her i’d stop off somewhere to clean myself before i get there. she told me not to because she wants to know what i smell like. and i think it’s important people know this.”

To that, Miller-Keyes responded, “Update: he doesn’t smell great, but he smells a lot better than I thought he would.” And fans seemed to have mixed opinions about the interaction, too. As one of Miller-Keyes’ followers said, “Now that’s love on her part or just plain gross…. I think she just didn’t want to wait another minute to see the love of her life.” Another commented, “HAHA! That’s love right there.”

Whether Miller-Keyes and Unglert are disgusting or disgustingly cute, that’s still up for debate. Either way, we’re living for their funny interactions and are happy they both found each other!

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