Caelynn Miller-Keyes Says ‘The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown Is ‘Killing It’

As any fan might tell you, the feud between Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Hannah Brown goes back further than Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. The two beauty queens competed against one another at the Miss USA pageant in 2018. And although Miss Alabama and Miss North Carolina initially struck up a friendship, the pair had a falling out that lasted until their appearances on Bachelor Nation. But now, it seems Miller-Keyes and Brown have come to an understanding. And even more recently, Miller-Keyes supported Brown following The Bachelorette‘s big Dancing With the Stars win.

What happened between Hannah Brown and Caelynn Miller-Keyes on ‘The Bachelor’?

During Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, producers showcased tension between Brown and Miller-Keyes, given their pageantry past. Both women questioned the other party’s moral character. And both women warned Underwood against the other’s manipulative character, leaving everyone confused.

Nevertheless, the drama didn’t last for too long. Then by the fourth episode, Brown and Miller-Keyes decided to put their feud behind them.

“There’s been tension, there’s been unnecessary drama. I think we’ve been both putting off and we don’t want to address it,” Miller-Keyes said in the episode. “But I think we’ve both been through enough as women. And we’ve both been through such tough things. So let’s be supportive of one another and put the past in the past.”

The two reality stars then apologized to one another and continued with the season. “I do accept her apology,” Brown said in a confessional. “We don’t have to be best friends. And that’s not necessarily what we’re trying to do. But at least it’s just done, and World War III was averted.”

Meanwhile, at The Bachelor‘s “Women Tell All” special, Brown confirmed there wasn’t much to her fight with Miller-Keyes after both parties apologized. “We did have beef, we don’t as much anymore,” she said, noting the pair “really did [squash our tiff]. And it wasn’t talked about again.”

Are Caelynn Miller-Keyes and ‘The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown friends now?

Back in February 2019, Us Weekly spoke with Miller-Keyes and Brown about their friendship. Both women expressed their sides of the story on The Bachelor. And although it seems Brown and Miller-Keyes aren’t friends, there doesn’t seem to be animosity towards one another either.

“There was no big bombshell. It was just a lot of different incidents where we realized that we weren’t the most compatible of friends,” Miller-Keyes said. “We’re just different people and that’s totally fine, but there was no big incident. … We were in the same pageant and we were hanging out a ton and there’s little things. It’s competitive and we handle things differently and that’s OK.”

Meanwhile, Brown said, “There were just little things that kind of added up. And we just have different values on things. I like to say that my friends fill my cup up and I fill their cup up in return and she didn’t fill my cup up, and so I didn’t want to be friends anymore. So that’s how I feel.”

Then when speaking with Nick Viall on The Viall Files podcast, Miller-Keyes explained why she thinks her friendship with Brown didn’t survive. And while Miller-Keyes once again pointed out that she and Brown may not be “compatible as friends,” she also hinted the competitive environment didn’t make things any easier.

“You put us in one competitive environment and immediately into another competitive environment — Miss USA and then The Bachelor — you feel like you’re constantly being pitted against one another,” Miller-Keyes said. “It’s unfortunate because if we weren’t in those two environments I feel like things would have been different and we wouldn’t have felt that animosity towards each other.”

She also added: “We were good friends and I think if we weren’t in those environments it would have remained the same.”

Caelynn Miller-Keyes shows her support for Hannah Brown after ‘DWTS’ win

Caelynn Miller-Keyes Visits Extra
Caelynn Miller-Keyes | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Even so, it seems Miller-Keyes is supportive of Brown’s success throughout the year. Brown went from The Bachelorette to winning the Mirrorball Trophy on Dancing With the Stars. And at iHeartRadio’s 102.7 KIIS FM’s 2019 Jingle Ball on Dec. 6, Miller-Keyes gushed over Brown in an interview with Hollywood Life.

“Hannah is killing it on her own. I don’t think she needs a man right now. She seems to be doing great,” Miller-Keyes said. The Bachelor in Paradise alum then theorized who would be a good match for Hannah Beast.

“I think she just needs someone who matches her energy, who’s, like, a firecracker, too, but they can kind of bounce off each other,” she said.

Miller-Keyes also admitted she “would love to see” Brown get back together with her Bachelorette ex, Tyler Cameron. But now, it appears that may never happen, as Cameron deleted all evidence of Brown from his Instagram on Dec. 9 — three days after Miller-Keyes made the statement.

Regardless, Miller-Keyes is right. Brown is killing it as a free spirit.

“I think those hard times and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences really grown me as a woman and as a person in a relationship able to be able to give later on. And right now, that’s not the case,” Brown told Entertainment Tonight at the Jingle Ball. “I’m great being just a … woman on my own. But I think I’ve really grown a lot for whenever that day comes for me.”

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