Cameran Eubanks From ‘Southern Charm’ Reveals the One Thing That Helped Her Baby Sleep Through the Night

Cameran Eubanks Instagram

If your baby won’t sleep through the night consider trying what Cameran Eubanks did from Southern Charm. The mother of an adorable baby girl took to Instagram to share what she did to get her child to sleep through the night.

“Some of ya’ll know I was a drill sergeant about sleep training Palmer,” Eubanks says. “So I’m going to give ya’ll some tips.” Before Palmer was born Eubanks read a book written by two nurses. The authors discussed what helped them get their babies to sleep through the night.

In her Instagram story, Eubanks introduces what she considers to be the best thing that has helped her baby Palmer sleep through the night.

Sound is everything

Cameran Eubanks Instagram

Eubanks suggests putting a sound machine in the room. She saved the box so everyone could see which sound machine she used. The Hatch Baby Rest with night light was what worked for Eubanks.

“It is a night light and sound machine in one,” Eubanks describes. She adds that the sound machine was a life saver too. She was given the machine as a gift and says she’s given the same product to other mothers-to-be too.

Eubanks shows the actual device set up in Palmer’s room. “To turn it on you just tap and this plays white noise all night long,” she says. Palmer has had the machine in her room since she was born.

Start a routine

Eubanks sets the scene to get Palmer ready for bed. She starts by letting the machine play a sweet lullaby. “It sets the mood and lets her know it is nighttime,” she says. “Babies love routine.”

Eubanks taps the glowing machine again for a babbling brook noise and chirping birds. Also, “The great thing about this machine is it comes with an app that you can download to your phone,” Eubanks says. “So if you are out to eat and the babysitter forgets to turn it on, you can do it remotely from wherever you are.”

Other options you can include in your nighttime routine is a warm bath. The warm water alone may induce drowsiness, Parents reports. Also, making sure the baby’s tummy is full before bed may help too. Make bedtime fun for older babies and toddlers. Read stories or play a quiet game to help your child embrace the Sandman.

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