Cameran Eubanks From ‘Southern Charm’ Sounds Off About This Scary Crime

Cameran Eubanks from Southern Charm took to Instagram to share some disturbing information a friend recently shared. “I’m absolutely appalled I’m having to talk about this subject,” Eubanks shared.

She continues by saying this is an issue that impacts parents and children, especially those living in South Carolina.”If you are a mother or a father, please listen,” Eubanks continues. “Especially if you live in the state of South Carolina.”

Cameran Eubanks | Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

This is the issue

Eubanks says, “Apparently there is a huge gap in our law that allows a predator to lure a child into a car, a business or home. There is currently no child luring law present in the state of South Carolina as it is in many other states.”

For example, it is a second-degree crime to lure a child into a car or any other area in New Jersey. This includes luring a child via electronic means too.

“Now we already know that South Carolina has the reputation for being a backward-assed state,” Eubanks continues. “And this just adds to that way of thinking.”

Eubanks is shocked

The fact that there is not a law in place blows my mind, Eubanks continues. “I don’t understand it, it makes no sense to me,” she says. “And I want our local representatives in South Carolina to hear this, hear us, mothers, hear us rational thinking human beings.”

She adds this should be a law. Eubanks added to her story a request to her followers. She suggests posting to Facebook. “Dear Representative McCoy and Representative Murphy, I feel strongly that the Child Luring Law be heard ASAP to protect our children. There is no excuse to further delay this hearing. There have been three attempted luring incidents in Mt. Pleasant alone within 18 months.”

The crime is terrifying

A local South Carolina television station reported on a recent scary incident. A man allegedly tried to lure a woman’s children into his van, but charges were dropped.

“It really was shocking because there is this huge gaping hole in our system to protect our children,”  Jenni Hester told Live 5 WCSC.”So I was floored that there was nothing that could be done. This isn’t an issue of our policemen not doing their job – it’s an issue of them not having a law to prosecute with. Our aim is to give our police officers the support that they need.”

Some movement is occurring in South Carolina. Last month Representative Nancy Mace and Representative Lee Hewitt introduced bill, H. 5006 to make child luring a crime in South Carolina. “The legislation is in response to concerns from Mount Pleasant residents and law enforcement officials about attempted efforts by adults to lure children into cars or vans, sometimes using puppies as lures, and the inability to charge the person with a crime,” Hewitt posted on Facebook.

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