Cameran Eubanks from ‘Southern Charm’ Stands Up For Eliza Limehouse

Every season of Southern Charm has at least one polarizing figure on the cast. Unfortunately for new cast member Eliza Limehouse, she’s it so far this year.

She came in extremely hot on the first episode. During Patrica Altschul’s dinner party she could not help but continue to put her foot in her mouth. She talked nonstop about one taboo subject: Thomas Ravenel.

Cameran Eubanks |Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Limehouse, who is the youngest cast member on the show, was clearly nervous during her big debut. She was obviously trying to connect with the cast and make conversation but kept steering the discussion back to her friendship with Ravenel. She provided a number of cringy moments for the cast, but thankfully Cameran Eubanks is trying to take Limehouse under her wing.

Eubanks has a history with Limehouse

During the second episode, Eubanks explained in a confessional interview she’s known Limehouse and her family for many years. “I have known Eliza’s family a long time,” Eubanks says. “Jason gave her swimming lessons when she was like four years old.”

But here’s the problem. “I love her like a little sister,” Eubanks continued. “But, bless her heart, she doesn’t have a filter. It’s her personality.” Meanwhile, cameras catch Limehouse and Eubanks at a nail salon while Limehouse rattles on and on.

During the episode, Limehouse revealed she’s recently had some challenging times. Her parents divorced a few years ago and because of her famous Charleston family name, the divorce became gossip. “I don’t come from a perfect family,” Limehouse says in a confessional interview. “I come from a mess.” Her father had an affair and the gossip was splashed all over the tabloids. She becomes emotional talking about the fallout from the affair, which included being cast out from society.

Limehouse admits the dinner wasn’t her finest moment

Limehouse says Altschul’s dinner was a tough one. “It’s hard to come back into the social scene so last night was uncomfortable from the start, she remarks.

Eubanks wants to help Limehouse. She points out coming in hot with a slew of questions after being absent from the social scene for two years is not the best way to go. “When you go two years after not speaking to anybody you’ve got to be more socially aware, Eubanks advises. “I love you and I mean this in the best way possible, but you overtalked, you can in too strong.”

Limehouse tries to blame part of it on her age. She insists she tried to connect, especially with Kathryn Dennis but got the cold shoulder. Eubanks gently puts some of her mothering skills to use.

Eubanks tries to help Limehouse

Limehouse needs some context when speaking with Dennis. And talking about Ravenel nonstop isn’t going to endear her to anyone. Eubanks reminds Limehouse that Dennis has been burned so she is going to have an issue with trust.

Although Limehouse is trying to connect, she’s getting her fair share of negativity on social media. “Eliza Limehouse would never be welcome at my dinner party. Yucky,” one person wrote on Twitter. Others have remarked that Limehouse was added to the cast to only stir up drama.

But last night Eubanks took to Instagram to defend Limehouse. “Alright listen here. Eliza is just going through some ‘growing pains’ on the show right now. Y’all Please be sweet to her. She is one of the kindest people I know. This is us, and her sweet Mama at my baby shower (that was not filmed). I hold these people very dear to my heart. Being new to a reality show is going to be nerve wracking to anyone.

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