The Real Reason Camila Cabello Feels Insecure About Her Upcoming Album

Camila Cabello has had a great week. The singer released the video for her saucy, new, duet, “Senorita” with singer, Shawn Mendes, that the Internet couldn’t shut up about. The video, which has already racked up over 58.5 million views on YouTube, was packed full of adventure, romance, and sultry nightlife vibes.

Camila Cabello
Camila Cabello | Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images

The chemistry between Mendes and Cabello was so palpable that fans were immediately convinced that the pair are secretly dating. Following the success of the video, the “No Crying In The Club” singer also dropped hints of her upcoming second album. But what’s the real reason the singer is feeling insecure about it?

Debut album

Following her split from the girl group, Fifth Harmony, many were unsure if Cabello would be successful in her solo career. Though she’d had plenty of hits whilst she was with the group, most of those were songs she collaborated on. Because of this, many people questioned the singer’s star power. Cabello quickly proved them wrong when she released her first, self-titled album, Camila. Not only did the album debut at #1 atop the Billboard Hot 200 chart, but it also earned the singer her first GRAMMY nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album.

Instagram message for fans

With that kind of success, you’d think the singer would feel extraordinarily confident about her upcoming second album. But even mass success and fame don’t stop someone from being human and doubting their talent. In a recent Instagram post, the 22-year-old opened up about her struggles with writing her next album.

“Wow. I’m so f*cking emotional right now. Listening back to the songs I’ve written for this album so far and I just burst into sobs. It feels really surreal and powerful that I can listen back to my life over the past year – I always get so insecure during the process and feel so much self-doubt, but listening back I just feel like…at the very least, I hear my f*cking soul in these songs” Cabello confessed in a heartfelt note to her fans.

New songs

The “Havana” singer continued on to share what her upcoming songs meant to her. “I can see the memories in them. It’s extremely painful, beautiful, cathartic, and just a sh*t show of emotions, but it’s the reason I love this. Because all of the messes I’ve made in my mind are tangible. I can reach out and I’m there. I’m really, really thankful I get to do this. It’s so hard, and it can be so scary and bring up all your insecurities and fears, but out of all that is…my life. The human experience. Messy and beautiful. Anyways, just thinking out loud. See you soon” the 22-year-old promised fans.

New Album

We’re sure that many creatives can relate to what the singer is experiencing. Creating art, especially good art, requires a level of honesty and vulnerability that can be incredibly scary and uncomfortable. It’s great that Cabello is pushing through the discomfort to create something for her fans that she can be proud of. No official word yet on when the singer’s second solo album will drop, but it looks like sooner rather than later. With all the feels the 22-year-old put into a simple Instagram post, we can only imagine how emotional the album will be.