Camila Cabello Admits She’s ‘Always’ Loved Shawn Mendes: How ‘Senorita’ Brought Them Together

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are winning over their fans as the cutest couple around and, from hearing Cabello gush about her man, it’s clear that they had love for each other long before they started dating. It also seems they have the song “Señorita” to thank for bringing them together.

Camila Cabello Shawn Mendes dating
Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Cabello admits she loves Mendes

During an interview with E! News at Elle’s Women in Music event during Fashion Week, Cabello explained how she and Mendes have a solid relationship, sharing: “I love him with all my heart and always have. We’ve known each other for a really long time…”

She continued: “We’ve always been there for each other. I think we drifted because we weren’t hanging out as as much. It was fun to be able to reconnect and hang out again.”

Their work brought them together

Though they drifted apart, it was the song “Señorita” that got them together, though it didn’t happen immediately.

Cabello noted: “We went back and forth for eight months deciding whether or not we were going to do the song together.”

In an interview with Elle, Cabello explained more about how the song took a while to get off the ground, as Mendes first discussed collaborating on the song but she didn’t want to do it at the time. She came around and wanted to work on it, but then Mendes didn’t. They finally got on the same page and their collaboration on the song was life-changing for both of them.

Love provides inspiration

Cabello also shared the impact of falling in love on her music, telling E! News: “I think falling in love is the ultimate artistic inspiration because it opens you up. Falling in love, for me, just brings out all of my vulnerabilities. All these things show up for me and it just makes you open.”

She explained, “When I am in love I listen to songs and I just cry. I cry easier. That must mean that I’m more open and more in touch with my emotions. All the spectrum of emotions… joy, fear, all of it.”

Cabello wants to maintain some privacy

Though they each have a huge fan base and there’s a great deal of interest in their relationship, Cabello shared how important it is to her to maintain as much privacy as possible.

She explained: ”I don’t know; people can say whatever they want to say. They can speculate, but at the same time, we are going to live our own lives, enjoy it, and fall for each other like nobody is watching. That is how I want to live. I never want to open the door for people to feel like they are involved. Like I said, I want it to be mine and [his]. That’s why I’m so tight-lipped about it: because I want to protect it…”

She continued: “Love is the most sacred, precious thing to me. I want to always feel like my love is between me and that person, and never belonging to anyone else. As much as I love my fans, and as much as I love people, I like to live my life as normally as possible. In a relationship, it makes me feel uncomfortable to invite everyone in on that.”