Camila Cabello Just Shut Down Rumors That Her Relationship Is a PR Stunt In One Move

Since leaving the girl group Fifth Harmony at the end of 2016, Camila Cabello has been having roaring success as a solo artist. Her self-titled debut album earned her a Grammy nomination, and fans are wildly anticipating her second album any day. On top of all that, she is now romantically linked to fellow pop superstar Shawn Mendes.

What started out as rumors about the relationship have since been confirmed, but some fans question whether or not the relationship is real or simply a PR stunt designed to boost both singers’ profiles. Recently, Cabello took to social media to shut down those who would question her relationship’s authenticity. 

Camila Cabello fans are anxious to see more from the singer

Camila Cabello
Camila Cabello | Mike Coppola/FilmMagic

Cabello is having a very newsworthy summer. First, she started off by dropping hints in May that fans should prepare themselves for a “storm” coming their way. Some people hoped this meant her second album would be released soon, but it appears that Cabello was likely teasing the release of a video for a single from the album.

The “Senorita” video features Mendes on both vocals and in the video itself. The video, released in June, shows a hot-and-heavy dance sequence and lots of intimate interactions between the pair who play a bad boy on a motorcycle and a waitress who can’t stay away from him. 

Soon, rumors were swirling that the pair were an item. Cabello had recently ended a year-long relationship with her boyfriend Matthew Hussey, and fans believed that Mendes was the reason for the split. 

Could it be too good to be true?

Many fans also noted that the timing of the relationship and the release of “Senorita” were just too perfect. They suspect that Mendes and Cabello are faking it for the media attention. The pair have been seen canoodling all over the place, often with paparazzi nearby. 

While some see this as a sign of their publicity performance, others are quick to point out that the two have a long history of getting flirty. Way back in 2015, they did an interview where they hinted sparks might be flying. Both of them have been in relationships over the years, so perhaps the timing has just finally worked out in their favor when they both found themselves single. 

Finally, a rehearsal video for “Senorita” was released. While the release of the video could just be another part of the PR stunt, the pair’s adorable interactions and chemistry with one another seem too real to deny. Through moments both tender and sultry, the two are continuously touching one another and appear to be truly connected. 

Cabello’s social media posts seem to confirm a serious relationship

In the midst of all the new album hype and the dueling rumors about Cabello and Mendes’ relationship, Cabello has taken to social media to defend her love. She didn’t make any direct reference to the rumors, but she did make it clear where her heart stands. 

On Instagram, she posted a cute photo of her and Mendes and captioned it “Happy birthday to this magic human, I love you!!!!” The post has gathered more than 4.6 million likes, so it seems that fans are responding positively to the announcement. 

This post looks to definitively put to rest any rumors about whether the relationship is real, and Cabello does not appear to have any concern over the people who would like to think otherwise. As Mendes and Cabello continue to put their PDA out for the world to see, fans are anxiously awaiting that new music and cannot wait to see what the star does next.