Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles Is Obsessed with Christmas

Many people adore the holiday season. It’s a beautiful time of year for many. It can involve picturesque snowfalls, quality time with friends and family, and the opportunity to give back to the less fortunate. The British Royal Family gets in on all of the festivities as well. However, there is one senior royal who might adore Christmas more than anyone else.

Though her entry into the royal family has been rocky to say the least — Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles has finally found her footing as a royal after all of these years. In fact, the press absolutely adores her. Reporters have said that the duchess is the easiest and most pleasant person for the royals reporters to cover. Parker Bowles has embraced her role next to her husband, Prince Charles — the future Crowned King.

In fact, many of the Duchess of Cornwall’s charities and events during this season have a delightful Christmas theme.

Camilla Parker Bowles loves getting into the Christmas spirit

Since marrying into the royal family in 2005 — the duchess has embraced the Christmas spirit with gusto. This time of year, Parker Bowles’ schedule is full of Christmas themed activities.

Back in 2005, she flipped the lights on at London’s Burlington Arcade — this was the first of her many tree lighting ceremonies in the past 14 years. Over the years, she’s brought children from all walks of life into her home –Clarence House. for tree decorating festivities.

This year at her annual Christmas decorating party– the duchess surprised her guests with real-life reindeer. They were a massive hit.

Camilla Parker Bowles doesn’t love spending Christmas with the British Royal Family

Though she adores Christmas –Parker Bowles does not exactly enjoy spending Christmas with the royal family at Queen Elizabeth II’s Sandrigum Estate.

After all, the royals’ Christmas festivities are extremely formal and are spread over several days. While many of us spend Christmas (and the days after) in our pajamas — the royals are on a tight schedule. In fact, that’s the main reason why Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have opted to spend Baby Archie Harrison’s first Christmas in a calmer, stress-free environment.

“[Camilla Parker Bowles is] not overly enthusiastic with en masse gatherings of the Royal Family and tends, for example, to leave the Sandringham house-party at Christmas at the earliest opportunity,” Royal author Christopher Wilson told Good Housekeeping.

This is how Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles spends Christmas

Since Parker Bowles can’t exactly duck out completely on Christmas with the queen — she has been able to compromise so that she can spend some quality time with her children and her sister. This gives her a bit of a reprieve from the formality of royal life.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s son –Tom Parker Bowles explained that this year, his mother will cut out after Christmas Day church service to head back to London. Since Prince Charles is the most senior royal after his mother — he can’t exactly leave his family high and dry.

However, the duchess still has a bit of wiggle room to enjoy her Christmas the way she would like.