Camilla Parker Bowles Was Convinced Her Country Estate Was Haunted

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Prince Charles have a love story that could be a storyline on a soap opera. The pair initially met in 1971 at a polo match. The prince, who was suffering under the weight of his made-up playboy persona, was immediately smitten with Camilla.

She didn’t appear overly eager to impress him, and she was extremely quick to laugh. Their intense whirlwind romance kicked off shortly thereafter. However, the royal family did not approve of the “non-virginal” Camilla. As a result, she married her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Andrew Parker Bowles.

Prince Charles was devastated, but he remained close to the couple. Eventually, though they were both married to other people, the prince and the duchess stuck up their love affair once more. Now, it appears that one of the locations where they carried on their affair is up for sale. Though it has some amazing attributes, the royals are reportedly convinced that the estate is haunted.

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Inside Camilla Parker Bowles’ $4 million country estate

Prince Charles and Camilla have an expansive list of properties, but the duchess’ former home is pretty lavish all on its own. Camilla once lived in the English manor with her former husband, Andrew Parker Bowles.

The Bolehyde Manor is located in Allington, Wiltshire, and boasts eight bedrooms and four bathrooms. House Beautiful is reporting that the estate is currently on the market for £3,750,000 ($ 4,238,572.96 USD). In addition to the impressive interior, the grounds of the manor are expansive.

The 700-year-old home’s grounds include a swimming pool, a tennis court, a treehouse, guest lodging, cottages for the staff, a stable, farm buildings, and an array of formal and informal gardens across 80 acres of lush farmland. Unfortunately, the house also has some creepy royal history.

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Camilla Parker Bowles’ country estate has a creepy history

Though Prince Charles was still madly in love with Camilla, even after she married Parker Bowles, he remained good friends with the couple. On Feb. 3, 1981, he even proposed to Princess Diana in the gardens of Bolehyde Manor — the duchess’ then-home.

“Where, after all, did Charles propose to Diana?” royal biographer Anthony Holden quipped in a 1993 Vanity Fair article. “Beside the cabbage patch in the Parker Bowles’ back garden.”

In the mid-’80s when the prince and Camilla struck up their affair, they often used Bolehyde as their hideaway. Camilla’s sister,  Annabel Elliot is also said to have helped facilitate the pair in hiding their secret relationship.

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This is why Camilla Parker Bowles believed her country estate was haunted

Parker Bowles lived in the home with her family until 1985. However, she began to think that the estate was haunted. She wasn’t necessarily scared to live at the estate. However, Daily Mail reported that while watching TV she thought a ghost would sit beside her and change the channels.

“She never saw it, but she could feel it next to her and she would laugh about how she and the ghost always wanted to watch different programs,” royal biographer Penny Juror explained.