Camilla Parker Bowles Makes Prince Charles a Better Man — Here’s Why

It’s been 14 years since Prince Charles made his love affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles legitimate. The pair wed on April 9, 2005, but they’ve been involved with each other since long before that.

There’s no denying that Charles and Camilla are devoted to one another in ways most couples can only dream of. But it took a long time for the public to accept their relationship without feeling like they were somehow betraying Princess Diana. Since the future monarch cheated on the People’s Princess and broke her heart, embracing Camilla felt wrong somehow.

Gradually, public sentiment has changed over the years, and that’s largely due to how much of a positive impact she has on her husband. Here’s how Camilla Parker-Bowles makes Prince Charles a better human being.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles | Rob Jefferies/Getty Images

Prince Charles is a happier person

You don’t even have to know the Prince of Wales personally to see the profound difference in his demeanor ever since marrying Camilla. He looks relaxed, content, and undeniably happy most of the time – and his wife is a huge catalyst for this change.

Compare these images to the types of photographs you see from those years he was married to Princess Diana. In retrospect, it’s so obvious that Prince Charles was miserable. Everything from his facial expressions to his posture suggests a deep unhappiness. It’s almost painful to watch.

Harper’s Bazaar described Camilla as a “force for positive change” in the future king’s life. “She’s made a massive difference in him,” one source told Vanity Fair. “He’s much more relaxed now. They are always laughing and chatting, they have great affection and humor between them.”

Prince Charles and Camilla
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles | Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

They have a shared history together

Charles and Camilla met in the summer of 1971 and were immediately drawn to each other’s company. But we all know how that ended up – it was all a matter of timing. Prince Charles went overseas to serve in the Royal Navy and never asked Camilla to wait for him. She wound up falling in love with her first husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles, and marrying him instead.

But even if Prince Charles had asked her to wait, the relationship probably wouldn’t have happened. As the future monarch, Prince Charles couldn’t just choose anyone he pleased to marry. His family pushed him away from Camilla and toward a more suitable match, like the beautiful and (most importantly) virginal Princess Diana.

 A lot has happened since that first meeting and subsequent get-togethers over the years. But one way Camilla strengthens Prince Charles is by serving as a constant reminder of his past, present, and future.

She’s humble and gracious

Prince Charles and Camilla
Charles and Camilla | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Camilla Parker-Bowles doesn’t seem to crave attention or accolades. That’s why she was perfectly content to accept the title Duchess of Cornwall rather than demanding her rightful title: Princess of Wales.

Rather than seeing Princess Diana as a rival, Camilla was willing to concede that title to help bolster public opinion of her husband and their relationship. That type of humility sets a good example for her husband, too.

Charles and Camilla understand each other

The chemistry between Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall is simply amazing. Soul mates might not exist, but if they did, these two would be the real deal.

On the occasion of the couple’s wedding photos, even the photographer was impressed.  “As soon as they looked at each other, there was a sparkle in their eyes—that’s when the magic happened. You feel like they are a young couple in love.”

Prince Charles and Camilla wedding
Prince Charles and Camilla wedding | Tim Graham/Getty Images

As journalist Penny Junor put it, “I think he had a closer relationship to Camilla than practically anybody. He really really loved her.”

“They had so much in common their brains kind of worked in the same way. I guess he didn’t meet anyone else who quite matched up to her.”

True love is one thing that makes anyone a better person. Just ask Prince Charles.