Camilla Parker Bowles’ Son Says His Mother Has This 1 Surprising Talent Nobody Knew About

Camilla Parker Bowles hasn’t always been the most-liked member of the royal family. Ever since her infamous affair with Prince Charles leaked, she’s had a difficult time rebuilding her reputation. More than three decades later, Camilla is on her way to becoming the queen consort alongside Charles. But regardless of how the public sees her, she is still a loving mother to her kids. And her son, Tom Parker Bowles, recently said his mother was surprisingly good at one thing.

Camilla Parker Bowles and son
Camilla Parker Bowles and her son, Tom | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Fortnum and Mason

Camilla has worked hard to rebuild her reputation with the public

When the affair between Camilla and Charles first leaked back in the 1980s, it was difficult for her to get in the public’s good graces. Of course, the affair led to the crumbling of Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage, and many people took Diana’s side in the whole ordeal. Plus, Diana was very widely respected, which only made it more difficult for Camilla to win over the royal fans. However, through the years, she has worked hard to do charity work and be a voice for various organizations around the United Kingdom, so she has grown on the public a bit since everything came undone 30 years ago.

She appears to have a good relationship with Prince William and Prince Harry

After the dust settled from the affair, Camilla had two important people whose respect she needed to gain: Prince William and Prince Harry. The sons of Charles and Diana didn’t take well to Camilla, and it was a long time before they even started to come around to her. Eventually, though, William and Harry opened up to her a bit. And although there have been rumors through the years that they still don’t all get along, their actions say something different. Camilla is included in all of the same royal engagements, and William and Harry are all smiles when they’re around her.

Her son said that she is an extremely good cook

Camilla might be known as the Duchess of Cornwall to the public, but to her son and daughter, Laura and Tom, she is Mom. Tom Parker Bowles recently spent time on the set of Good Day New York, where he opened up about his mother to hosts Rosanna Scotto and Lori Stokes. They asked him about his family’s traditions, and he said that Christmas is a massive celebration to all of them. He also mentioned that his mother is, unexpectedly, very talented in the kitchen. “She’s a very good cook,” Tom said. When asked about her best recipes, he noted it’s mostly the English dishes. “Very classic English stuff, roast chicken, roast beef,” he said.

It’s unclear if Camilla cooks for the royal family

Though Camilla probably doesn’t cook feasts for other royals, she most likely does cook dinner for herself and Charles now and then. Plus, she probably still cooks for her kids when they get together from time to time. Camilla might be a member of the world’s most famous family, but she’s clearly also a down-to-earth mother who loves to cook a hearty meal for her loved ones.