The Real Reason Camilla Parker Bowles Speaks Out Against Dieting

Camilla Parker Bowles might have started out as the other woman in Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage, but the Duchess of Cornwall has worked hard to repair her image with the British Royal Family and with the citizens of the United Kingdom. Since her 2005 marriage to Prince Charles, the duchess has spearheaded her own set of royal patronages and charity events.

She has been outspoken about health, literacy, supporting victims of rape and sexual abuse and domestic violence, empowering women; food; animals and heritage and the arts. Now, the duchess is speaking out against harmful fad dieting.

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‘It was 25 years ago that my mother died as a result of osteoporosis. In fact, she was exactly the same age that I am now. Then it was never discussed, rarely diagnosed and always attributed to old people. I can’t believe 25 years later what I’m seeing now… It’s just incredible what’s happened and I just wish my mother was here today to see what could have been done.’ Today The Duchess of Cornwall attended a reception to mark the launch of the @RoyalOsteoSoc. Formerly the National Osteoporosis Society, the charity was given approval for a Royal title by The Queen in September 2018. Osteoporosis is a fragile bone disease that causes debilitating and sometimes fatal fractures. The Duchess, who has been President since 2001, became involved with the charity following the deaths of her mother and grandmother as a result of the condition. Her Royal Highness met with some of the charity’s members, supporters and ambassadors before unveiling the society’s new logo. The Duchess’s visit also marked the launch of the world’s first Osteoporosis and Bone Research Academy, which will bring together leading researchers, clinicians and academics to advance knowledge of osteoporosis and develop new medication and treatments. Her Royal Highness met some of those involved in the charity’s cure work programme to hear about its aims and future work. Press Association

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This is how Camilla Parker Bowles feels about dieting and exercise

There are a ton of diets out right now. It seems like everyone is trying out the KETO diet, eliminating gluten from their food intake, juicing, and everything in between. Unfortunately, before we undertake these new eating habits, many of us do not consult medical professionals. Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles is advocating for a healthy body through movement over a total focus on extreme dieting. She told Daily Mail,

We need to find a way of educating children that they need to take care of their bodies now instead of aspiring to look like someone they see in a picture if they want to protect themselves in old age. There’s got to be some cool way of getting the message across to children through social media without making it seem fuddy-duddy or old. If parents and grandparents are educated to tell their children it will make a difference. Children don’t want to know at that age that they will be old one day and that their bones are going to crumble. You have got to find a way of getting to them and making them exercise.

The real reason Camilla Parker Bowles is speaking out against fad dieting

Sadly, the dangers of fad dieting are very personal to the Duchess of Cornwall. Both her mother and grandmother were advocates of dairy-free and “clean eating” regimes, but their diets caused brittle bones and osteoporosis which eventually claimed both of their lives. At a reception in London for the Royal Osteoporosis Society –the duchess explained, “You feel like you are invincible and it’s about what you look like. Food becomes about what your figure is like, not what it is doing for your body.”

Parker Bowles also recalled the horror of herself and her two children — Tom and Laura, as they watched her mother, Rosalind Shand get increasingly smaller and small as Osteoporosis ravaged her body. She recalled, “They worshipped her. Suddenly they saw this tiny woman stooped in agony. It is something they will remember for the rest of their lives. But people who haven’t seen their parents or grandparents like that will think: ‘We’re never going to get that.’ It’s the immediacy of youth.”

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