Camille Grammer from ‘RHOBH’ Considers This Cast Member a Bestie

Camille Grammer from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills appears to be one of the few cast members maintaining close friendships with the cast and Lisa Vanderpump.

The current season’s doggy debacle split the cast, with Vanderpump on one side and everyone else on the other. But Grammer seems to still have a friendship with Vanderpump. She was the only one from the current cast to attend Vanderpump’s new restaurant opening. At the same time, she has kept up the bonds she’s formed with the other women.

Camille Grammar |Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic

But she told People who she considers to be a very close friend from the cast. This person may come as a surprise since the women warred hard when they met during season one. Who is it and what is her relationship like with Vanderpump today?

This cast member was by Grammer’s side during hard times

Sometimes the best way to measure your friendships is to see who supports you when the chips are down. Grammer told People she and Kyle Richards at a rough beginning but now are very close. “We had a rough start in our friendship, but we forgave each other,” she said. “We said our peace years ago.”

When the women met, Grammer was about to endure a painful divorce. Then she dealt with a cancer diagnosis too. “She saw me at my worst,”  Grammer said about Richards. “She watched me go through hell and come out the other side. And she’s been there for me through everything.”

“We have a mutual respect and an understanding,” Grammer added. “She’s a great mom and a dear friend and she’s been incredibly supportive.” Richards even served as one of Grammer’s bridesmaids at her recent wedding too.

But she’s also close with Vanderpump too

Grammer masterfully maintained a friendship balance while most of the cast were taking sides. She invited Vanderpump to her wedding, but Vanderpump bowed out. She told People, that in addition to Richards, she considers Vanderpump to be one of her close friends too.

Grammer recently joined former RHOBH alum Joyce Giraud for Vanderpump’s grand opening of Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Las Vegas. Grammer managed to snag Vanderpump for a photo, which she posted to Instagram. Plus had some fun with the pink and fluffy decor surrounding the grand opening.

Did this comment jeopardize their friendship?

Grammer’s been inside Vanderpump’s circle of trust. But could silly comments she made during a buzzed dinner with the ladies put her friendship in jeopardy? During a recent episode of RHOBH, the women have dinner (sans Vanderpump who is celebrating her birthday) and giggle at how buzzed Grammer gets.

Grammer makes a funny comment about Vanderpump’s veneers and gums but catches herself immediately and regrets it. Now that it aired, did it do damage to the friendship? Grammer took to Twitter before the episode even aired. “I am very disappointed in my distasteful comments about Lisa,” she wrote. “It was a joke but it was in very poor taste. I’m so sorry.”

She added to her apology too. One fan asked if she was forgiven but Grammer just wrote, “Ask her.” Vanderpump tweeted, “I guess if you want to be inducted to the #rhobhmeangirls you have to come up with something. @TheRealCamilleG Thank you for ur apology.”

So…did Vanderpump actually accept the apology and move on? From her tweets, it sounds like she did. Someone asked her about the whole thing. Vanderpump responded, “Nothing wrong with my gums! She made it up and apologized.”

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