How You Can Get Spotify and Hulu Together for $5 a Month

Spotify and Hulu have just announced a deal in which students can get both services together for just $5 a month.

In order to be eligible for this deal, you must currently be enrolled in a US Title IV accredited college or university, and you must be over the age of 18. You can sign up for the plan through Spotify, not through Hulu, at this link.

If you already have Spotify Premium for Students, you now automatically have access to Hulu and simply need to register a Hulu account at the link above. If you’re on a different Spotify plan like the family plan, though, you will not be eligible, and so you’ll have to cancel that account and start a new one with Spotify. If you already have a Hulu account, you can merge it with this new joint Spotify/Hulu account as long as you’re signed up for the Limited Commercials plan; those who subscribe to a different Hulu plan like┬áHulu No Commercials or Hulu with Live TV can’t merge that account with Spotify. But you can cancel that Hulu account and create a new one through the Spotify plan.

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The Spotify logo. | Emmanuel Dunand/Getty Images

All the billing for this deal is being done through Spotify, and so if you merge the accounts, you’re essentially switching things around so that you’re charged for Hulu through Spotify and not Hulu itself. With Hulu, you’re gaining access to the Limited Commercials plan, and so there will be ad interruptions during all the shows you watch.

After you are no longer a student, your Spotify subscription will go back to being $9.99, and you won’t have access to Hulu anymore. At this time, there is no bundle of Hulu and Spotify together for non-students. However, the streaming services have said they soon plan to expand to all consumers and not just students, according to The Verge.

The Hulu and Spotify deal for students is a pretty remarkable one, especially since Spotify Premium for Students is already $4.99 a month, and so the deal is essentially just an offering of free Hulu. Prior to this, students who wished to subscribe to both Spotify and Hulu had to pay at least $13 a month, or $17 if they did not want commercials.

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The Hulu logo. | Hulu