Can ‘Heroes: Reborn’ Win Back Fans?


NBC is set to bring viewers back to the world of Heroes in 2015 with a thirteen-episode miniseries entitled Heroes: Reborn. The original series showrunner Tim Kring will take the reins once again in what is being described as a return to what made Heroes’ first season so tantalizingly fresh: the idea of ordinary people with super powers.

Fans of the original series will also welcome the return of actor Jack Coleman, who will once again play the man in the horn-rimmed glasses — or HRG, as many know him. Signed on for all of the miniseries’ thirteen episodes, Coleman is the first actor to be officially cast with many more announcements sure to follow in the coming weeks. According to reports, Heroes: Reborn will be proceeded by an original digital offering that will introduce viewers to the new characters in the series before the miniseries premieres in 2015.

Heroes first premiered on NBC in 2006 and quickly found success with viewers and critics alike. The first episode earned 14.10 million viewers and the series scored as many as 16.97 million viewers with the second season’s premiere. At the same time, it was also showing early critical acclaim that made many onlookers believe it could be the next big series. The American Film Institute named Heroes one of the ten best TV series of the year during its first season and and The Hollywood Reporter’s Barry Garron wrote,Part sci-fi, part mystery and wholly unique, Heroes is one of TV’s most imaginative creations and might, with luck, become this year’s Lost.”

But the show’s success, at least critically, was short-lived. Despite the second season’s premiere earning the highest TV ratings of the series, viewership began to decline considerably with each subsequent season earning lower marks than the last. By the time the series finale aired in 2010, Heroes had scored only 4.41 million viewers. And for viewers and critics alike, the fun and promise of Heroes‘ first season had largely fallen by the wayside for increasingly grim story-lines.

Perhaps that’s why NBC seems so keen to give Kring another shot in what looks to be a return to what critics and viewers loved so much about the first season. And maybe some newfound perspective for Heroes‘ writers is exactly what the series needs in order to get back on track.

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