Can Making Your Bed Every Morning Really Change Your Life? Carrie Underwood Thinks So

Carrie Underwood is so popular that some people may forget she actually got her start on American Idol. She certainly seems to be one of the most popular winners of the show. She’s also the richest, with a net worth of over $60 million. 

Even though she’s definitely a big shot, Underwood remains humble. It’s one thing fans love about her. They may be surprised to learn how humble she actually is. 

She does some of her own chores

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood | Jo Hale/Redferns

Even though she could probably just pay someone to do it for her, Underwood still does some of her own chores. It’s more for her mental health than because she needs to do them. 

She makes her bed every morning. She says she just can’t stand going about her day with an unmade bed. According to Underwood, “It will be all I think about throughout the day until it’s actually made.”

She also makes sure her fridge is organized. It’s not just clean and tidy, it’s pristine. She even keeps all the labels facing out. 

Her parents are also humble people

Underwood didn’t exactly come from humble beginnings. Her family was well off enough to have everything they needed. But her parents didn’t splurge on luxuries. Even though they could afford new clothes, her mother would sew the children’s clothes herself.

They still live in the same house Underwood grew up in, even though their daughter could easily buy them something bigger and better. A lot of people think Underwood is humble, but she actually says she’s the most extravagant person in her family. She’ll wear expensive jewelry and flashy clothes, but for the rest of the Underwood clan, that’s too much. 

Underwood hadn’t even been on an airplane before she auditioned for American Idol. Her first flight was one from Oklahoma to LA. 

Education is important to her

Fans might be surprised to learn that not only did Underwood get college credit for her time on American Idol, but she also went back to college and finished after winning. 

Underwood was studying Communications at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma when she auditioned for the show. Since she was going to be spending so much time on a television set, her professors allowed her to use the experience as an internship. Talk about multitasking!

Then, when she left American Idol as the big winner, she decided to go back to school and finish her degree instead of jumping right in to the entertainment industry. She got her degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis on Broadcast Journalism. She even graduated with honors. 

Underwood was in a sorority during her time in college. She pledged Sigma Sigma Sigma. Even though she graduated, her sisters are still an important part of her life. 

Her wedding price tag is shocking

Underwood spent half a million dollars on her wedding. Yes, that’s $500,000 on one event! That was back in 2010 when she married Mike Fisher, a Canadian hockey player. It seems like a strange combination, considering Underwood is pretty much as country as it gets. In fact, Underwood almost didn’t go out with Fisher in the first place because of the distance. When they met, she was living in Tennessee and he was in Canada. But they seem to have clicked. They’re still together, and now they have two sons

Underwood is a fun person, and the humble way she lives is a great example for others. She teaches us that even simple things like making the bed can help us start the day off right, and that changes everything.