Can Meghan Markle’s Popularity Dethrone Kate Middleton and Make Duchess of Sussex the Queen?

Now that Meghan Markle has not only officially joined the royal family, but has more than established herself as the Duchess of Sussex, many fans and critics cannot stop comparing her to Kate Middleton. Back in 2011, when Prince William and Kate married, the entire world was enthusiastic about the new Duchess of Cambridge. Fans were copying her style, designers were creating Kate-inspired replicas of her iconic wedding gown, and the paparazzi were photographing her every move.

The world was obsessed with Kate, and now, eight years later, it is happening all over again with Meghan. The one main difference? It seems that Meghan is having even more of an impact than Kate.

Why is Meghan Markle so popular?

Before meeting Prince Harry, Meghan was a well-liked actress who starred on the popular legal drama Suits. She was talented and loved by many, having risen to fame with small roles in various movies, as well as a stint on the game show Deal or No Deal. Her beauty and personality made her a household name, and when it was announced that she was in a serious relationship with the red-headed prince, her popularity soared even more. Suddenly, everyone was obsessed with Meghan.

Can Meghan Markle ever be queen?

Technically, yes. The British line of succession can be difficult to understand. When Queen Elizabeth II passes away, her eldest son, Prince Charles will take over as the king. After that, Prince William will be the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom. Next in line is William’s oldest son, Prince George. The direct line of succession passes down to the first born child of each ruling monarch, however, others do have a place in line. With Harry being sixth in line, we would have to experience the unlikely event that we would see the deaths of Charles, William, and all of William’s children in Harry’s lifetime. Harry would then become king, making Meghan a queen consort.

Where in line is Kate Middleton?

Kate will someday be a queen consort, as she is married to a member of the family who is in the direct line of succession. William will take the throne upon the death of his father. Kate has been preparing for a role as a queen ever since she married into the royal family, learning all of the protocol, the behavior that must be followed, and spending plenty of time with her husband’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. The majority of fans feel that she is the perfect person to be queen, and will someday be excellent in her role.

Is Meghan Markle more popular than Kate Middleton?

Both duchesses are popular in their own right, and one necessarily is not more well-liked than the other. It may seem that Meghan is more loved than Kate, however, this may be due to her Hollywood background. We have to say that we adore both duchesses equally, and do not favor one over the other.

Can Meghan Markle’s popularity dethrone Kate and make the Duchess of Sussex queen?

This is highly unlikely. Although Queen Elizabeth has the power to do many things, Meghan’s celebrity status will not make her dethrone Kate. The queen has exceptional relationships with both of her granddaughters-in-law and realizes that Meghan has both a royal fan base and a Hollywood one. This certainly is not a reason to change up the line of succession. Kate and Meghan will always be uniquely special in the hearts of fans around the world, and we respect their roles in the royal family as they are. We are excited to see Kate take over the role of queen sometime in the future.