Can Prince Charles Knight Someone? His Royal Roles and Responsibilities

It’s no secret that the royal family likes to divide and conquer their royal roles and responsibilities. But some more senior members — such as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles — handle most of the family’s official business. But, can Prince Charles knight someone on behalf of the queen?

Up ahead, we take a closer look at Prince Charles’s royal responsibilities, including if he is allowed to knight someone.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
Prince Charles has a lot of royal responsibilities. | Tim Rooke – WPA Pool/Getty Images

He is a patron of charitable organizations

Volunteer work and involvement in charitable organizations is a huge part of the royal responsibility. And, Prince Charles is a patron of hundreds of charities. Whether it be opening new exhibitions or visiting facilities a lot of Prince Charles’s time is spent on behalf of these organizations.

He supports the queen

According to the family’s website, Prince Charles’s main role is to support his mother — aka Queen Elizabeth II — in official duties. As heir apparent, he is the queen’s righthand man and accompanies her on numerous occasions.

He hosts state dinners

The queen isn’t the only royal responsible for hosting state dinners — Prince Charles (and other members of the family) does, too. Throughout the year, the Prince of Wales welcomes dignitaries from around the world and hosts State dinners on their behalf.

He attends the Trooping of the Color

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II celebrates two birthdays? As the monarch, she typically has one celebration on her actual birthday — April 21st — and then another in the summer called Trooping of the Color. Prince Charles and his family attend the official celebration in honor of Her Majesty and waves to the public from the Buckingham Palace balcony.

He represents the queen abroad

A big part of any royal’s role is to represent the queen — or whoever is monarch — while traveling abroad. Prince Charles (and Camilla Parker Bowles) travel overseas on royal tours to represent the queen. The tours typically include Commonwealth countries, but they can also visit other countries outside of the queen’s reign, such as the United States.

He attends state funerals

Prince Charles has the important role of representing the queen at state funerals — especially if it is abroad and she is not able to attend. Should an important member of State (such as a prime minister) suddenly pass, Prince Charles pays his respects at the funeral on behalf of the monarchy.

Armed services

Prince Charles is also involved in the British armed services. And, he often partakes in special ceremonies and rituals honoring the men and women in service.

Can Prince Charles knight someone?

One of the most notable roles of the monarch is to recognize impressive citizens with medals, titles, and other honors. And while the queen grants many of the awards, she’s not always available, so she turns to her next of kin, Prince Charles. The Prince of Wales has many important roles and responsibilities, but perhaps one of his most rewarding is the ability to knight citizens making an impact in the community.

Knighting ceremonies can happen upwards of 25 times a year. And, some of the most senior royal family members take turns granting the honors. In addition to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, Prince William has also knighted individuals before.

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