Can Ryan Reynolds Finally Make a Comeback This Year?

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Ryan Reynolds hasn’t had much box office success over the last several years, but the actor may finally be getting his career back on track. Following a critically praised turn in The Voices, Reynolds will next star in the buzzy sci-fi thriller Self/Less. The first trailer for the forthcoming project has just been released, marking the latest in a slew of potentially promising projects that the actor has on the way.

Reynolds has had several commercial and critical disappointments in recent years — perhaps most notably 2011’s The Green Lantern, which grossed only $219 million against a budget of $200 million. He followed that up with The Change Up and the indie Fireflies in the Garden, both of which earned negative reviews and failed to take off at the box office. Safe House, his action thriller with Denzel Washington, performed relatively well, but R.I.P.D., co-starring Jeff Bridges, tanked. A positive turnaround seemed imminent with last year’s The Captive, which teamed Reynolds with the Oscar-nominated director Atom Egoyan. But though many had high hopes for the thriller, it ended up getting critically panned after its Cannes premiere.

That brings us to The Voices, which stars the actor as a mentally unstable factory worker who believes his pets are telling him to be a serial killer. Despite its bizarre-sounding premise, the movie received a positive critical response at its Sundance premiere last year, with reviewers praising Reynolds’ darkly funny performance. The downside? The film is currently only available in an extremely limited release, so there’s a chance that not many may actually get to see the highly praised role.

Still, The Voices is just the first in what’s looking to be a jam-packed year for Reynolds. The actor is continuing his efforts to gain some career momentum with a mix of indies and mainstream, mid-budget flicks due out over the next several months, including Self/Less.

As the trailer above shows, Self/Less follows a dying mogul (played Ben Kingsley) who discovers that the best way to prolong his life is to actually have his consciousness transferred into the body of a younger man (Reynolds). Though the premise seems pretty standard issue, the stylish sci-fi flick may give Reynolds an decent shot at ending his box office losing streak. Plus, the project, which hits theaters in July, pairs the actor with Tarsem Singh — exactly the kind of acclaimed director who Reynolds has been making a clear effort to work with lately.

While Self/Less alone may not kick his attempted comeback into high gear, it may mark another step in the right direction, especially when combined with The Voices and Reynolds’s other upcoming films. On the indie front, he actor has several noteworthy projects coming. He recently earned highly positive reviews for the road drama Mississippi Grind, which premiered at Sundance earlier this year. The actor will also star opposite Helen Mirren in the Harvey Weinstein-produced Woman in Gold, set to hit theaters in April.

Reynolds also has a few other mainstream features on the way aside from Self/Less. He and Kevin Costner will co-star in the action-crime thriller Criminal, which is set to premiere in August. Of course, the biggest title on Reynolds’s slate of upcoming projects is Marvel’s highly anticipated Deadpool. The actor will reprise his role as the titular comic character in the film, due out in February 2016.

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