When You Can See Sean Spicer on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Just a week after leaving the White House, Sean Spicer is heading to late night.

The former press secretary for the Trump Administration has been booked as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Deadline reported on Thursday. Spicer will be on the show on Wednesday, September 13. Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs at 11:35 E.T. on ABC.

On Thursday afternoon, Jimmy Kimmel tweeted a photo of himself with Sean Spicer, extending a formal invite. He joked that he promises to look at the camera this time, as Kimmel and Spicer are looking in completely different directions in the photo.

Spicer coming on the show is sure to be a major ratings boost for Jimmy Kimmel. Last month, former White House director of communications Anthony Scaramucci appeared on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and this interview brought Colbert his highest Monday ratings ever, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Colbert did not hold back during that interview, asking Scaramucci extremely tough questions and refusing to play along with him. At the very beginning of the interview, Scaramucci joked that he was adding the Late Show‘s comedy writers to his kill list, and Colbert responded, “Uh huh. So you’re comedically threatening to kill people who work for me?” The interview did not become much less tense from there.

Sean Spice in January 2017

Sean Spicer in January 2017. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Of all of the major late night comedy hosts, Colbert is certainly the toughest critic of the Trump Administration, but Jimmy Kimmel hasn’t been shy about criticizing the current president either. Most notably, he called on Congress and the Trump White House not to repeal Obamacare, with this being sparked by his son’s recent heart surgery.

“No parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their child’s life,” Kimmel said at the time.

This monologue was such a big deal that Sean Spicer was asked about it while he was still White House press secretary. Spicer said that the White House shared “concern for Kimmel’s child, as well as any child that needs care.” However, Spicer said that it’s still the president’s position that the Affordable Care Act must be repealed and replaced.

Jimmy Kimmel has also made fun of Sean Spicer specifically plenty of times over the past seven months. One notable bit was in April, when Kimmel criticized Spicer for saying that Adolf Hitler never used chemical weapons; Kimmel joked that the one rule at press secretary school was “don’t defend Hitler.”

Sean Spicer announced in July that he would be resigning as White House press secretary. This was largely because he disagreed with the hiring of Anthony Scaramucci as communications director. Scaramucci himself ended up resigning just 10 days after starting his position, but Spicer still ended up resigning as he said he would at the end of August.