Can ‘Teen Mom 2’ Survive Without Jenelle Evans?

Jenelle Evans’ drama has been all over the internet in recent weeks. Between the death of her dog, her firing from Teen Mom 2 and having her children removed by CPS, a lot has been going on for the troubled reality TV star. Fans, however, are fixated on the Teen Mom 2 franchise and whether it can survive without its resident drama maker. 

Loss of sponsors might spell doom for the franchise

Teen Mom 2 lost several sponsors in the wake of Nugget’s death. Greenies, Chipotle, TWIX, and several other significant sponsors pulled their ads from the show. The loss of sponsorship seems to be what forced MTV to publicly fire Evans, but it’s possible that it is too late to salvage the relationship with the sponsors who felt the urge to act.

Teen Mom 2, however, wouldn’t be the first show to lose a bunch of sponsors and still survive, in one incarnation or another. 19 Kids and Counting, the TLC show about the supersized Duggar family lost sponsors in 2015 after it was revealed that Joshua Duggar, the family’s oldest son molested his younger siblings. The show was axed but brought back the following season under a different name. Sponsors bought in under the assumption that Joshua would no longer be a part of the show.

Jenelle comes with plenty of baggage to unpack

While Jenelle’s antics haven’t always been safe or even acceptable, she did fuel the show’s storylines. Between her personal turmoil, marriage troubles, and court appearance, there was enough to fill entire episodes. In fact, Teen Mom 2 was enjoying significant gains in viewership through March, according to TV By The Numbers, but without Jenelle, there is no one really contributing to the drama needed to keep the show interesting.

Chelsea Houska, whose storylines long revolved around her troubled relationship with Adam Lind has settled down in recent years. She is happy and currently married to Cole DeBoer, who, frankly, seems like a prince. Fans are thrilled that Chelsea is in such a good place, but it doesn’t really do much to entice fans to watch.

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Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer are also chugging along. While both have experienced bumps in the road, their drama cannot hold a candle to Jenelle’s, and that’s a great thing for them. It’s a less than ideal situation for MTV. Unless MTV’s newest addition to the cast, Jade Cline, can bring some instability to the table the franchise might be in trouble.

Kailyn Lowry insists the franchise will be fine

TMZ caught up with Kailyn Lowry in New York City over the weekend. Lowry, who was hanging out with Lindsie Chrisley, told TMZ that she thinks the show can survive without Jenelle, but that she can’t deny that viewers did tune in to see what trouble Jenelle was brewing up week after week.

Lowry went on to say that she’s sad that the show is being hurt by Eason’s actions. She notes that the death of Nugget had to be a breaking point for the production company. She said that she is hopeful the rest of the moms have enough going on to keep the show interesting for fans over the next season. Time will only tell, though.