Can Theresa Caputo Channel Pets? Inside the Long Island Medium’s Special Abilities

Theresa Caputo — aka, The Long Island Medium — is without a doubt gifted. The reality star can channel her clients’ loved ones who have passed and deliver messages that help them heal and move forward. It’s not uncommon for her to bring up a mother, father, sister, brother, or other human family members that have departed, but can Theresa Caputo channel pets? Up ahead, we take a closer look at the Long Island Medium’s abilities, including whether or not she can talk to departed cats, dogs, and other pets.

Can Theresa Caputo channel pets?

TLC’s hit reality series, The Long Island Medium follows uber-famous medium Theresa Caputo as she channels — and delivers messages from — loved ones. But, what if your loved one is a cat or dog? Can Theresa Caputo channel pets? According to the reality star, connecting with someone’s beloved pet cat is a lot easier than their auntie. “Animals come through and they can channel like gangbusters,” Theresa Caputo shared in a video on TLC. “I’ve channeled horses, I’ve channeled dogs, cats, parrots,” she continued. She went on to talk about how she does readings at restaurants and has channeled all sorts of pets during her time as a medium. In the video, she shares a hilarious story about a couple who’s pet squirrel named Steve came through to her.

While Theresa Caputo doesn’t typically channel pets on her reality series, The Long Island Medium, the medium once broke protocol and showed a reading she gave in a dog park after a woman’s departed dog came through. “I know it’s gonna sound weird, but I’m a medium. You had another dog that died?” she asked the woman in the clip. Then, she continued to discuss the woman’s new puppy and told her “just know that it’s okay that you got the new dog and that just to enjoy and to love this new puppy.” The woman wasn’t the most excited to hear from her departed pet (granted, she was probably freaked out), but was happy to have confirmation from Theresa. “For me, spirit is spirit — whether if it’s a dog, a squirrel, or a human being,” Theresa later said in her confessional interview.

What is a reading with the Long Island medium like?

‘Long Island Medium’ fans want to know: Can Theresa Caputo channel pets? | Theresa Caputo via Instagram

Teresa Caputo starts her readings by explaining to her clients that every medium is different and, therefore, channels spirit differently. Here is what a reading with Theresa Caputo is like.

She records readings on a tape recorder

The Long Island Medium starts off every reading by turning on her tape recorder. Theresa Caputo likes to record her sessions so that clients can have something to take away from their reading and refer back to the words Theresa shared if needed.

Her crew conducts a home tour

If Theresa Caputo’s clients have a reading on her show, crew members check up on their house beforehand. During the home tour, The Long Island Medium crew take a closer look at the house, which provides more insight into departed loved ones. Skeptic clients claim she uses the information collected to up the ante on her readings.


In addition to a home tour, the crew also interviews clients. The interview typically takes place before their meeting with Theresa, which makes some clients think that the Long Island medium obtains extra information before they meet for the first time.

She doesn’t receive messages ahead of time

Theresa Caputo doesn’t have the ability to receive messages ahead of her readings. “Your loved ones are with you,” she told People. “It’d not like they’re hanging out with me going, ‘Okay, I want you to run into my granddaughter. She’s in aisle three, picking out cereal.”

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