Can You Buy Tickets to Nipsey Hussle’s Funeral?

Funerals are typically the one type of event that no one wants to attend. They only happen after tragedies, so, usually, only family members and close friends of the deceased come to such a ceremony.

But sometimes someone makes such an impact on the world that even those who didn’t know them, mourn their loss. This has been the case with some big name celebrities like Prince or Michael Jackson.

Usually, when a celebrity dies people cry for them in private or post their condolences on social media. But in rapper Nipsey Hussle’s case, fans could do more. They could actually get tickets to the late philanthropist’s funeral.

Where will the funeral be held?

Nipsey was beloved by, not only the entire city of Los Angeles, but people worldwide who listened to his music and were inspired by his efforts to help his community.

Because he had made his way into the hearts of so many people, his memorial couldn’t just be in any old church. Organizers had to find somewhere to fit everyone who wanted to attend.

The memorial will now be held on Thursday, Apr. 11 at the Staples Center. The arena can hold 21,000 people.

Tickets to the funeral sold out in minutes

The tickets to the service were complimentary and given out on a first come, first serve basis. They became available at 10 a.m. yesterday morning.

All of the tickets sold out in a matter of minutes and many of the people who were waiting in the online queue made it to the end only to find an image of the Staples Center with all of the seats blocked out, no longer available, according to The Daily News.

By 10:40, all of the tickets were gone.

“All tickets for the Nipsey Hussle’s Celebration of Life have been distributed and no additional tickets will be available,” read a message on the site at 10:42 a.m.

Those who did manage to obtain tickets will not be able to record or take pictures of the event.

“Out of respect to the family, cameras and recording devices will not be permitted inside the venue,” a statement on the event’s page reads. “You may be asked to leave the event if you are found recording or taking photos.”

Can you still get tickets to Nipsey’s funeral?

Unfortunately, whenever there is an event this big, people always resell tickets. So, though there are no more tickets available via the ceremony’s official website, scalpers are already trying to make money off their complementary tickets.

Yesterday, four tickets to the Thursday event were sold for $400 on eBay, according to The Los Angeles Times. The listing promised that the buyer would get the tickets by Wednesday.

But the selling of these tickets violate two of the resell site’s policies. The site does not allow for free tickets to be resold or people to profit off of tragedies or suffering.

eBay has since shut down the sale.

“This listing is prohibited under eBay’s policies and did not end up as a successful transaction,” eBay said in a statement. “We’ve reached out to the seller to educate them regarding our policy.”

It is unclear whether tickets are still available to purchase from other resell sites.

How did Nipsey die?

Nipsey was shot on Mar. 31 outside of his store The Marathon Clothing in Los Angeles. Since then, Eric Holder has been charged with his murder but plead not guilty at his arraignment hearing.

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