Can You Get a Christmas Card from President Trump?

Did you receive a Christmas card from President Trump and his family in your mailbox? If you did, you’re on a pretty exclusive list. The first family sends out the official card to White House staff as well as people in politics and the media, not to members of the general public.

“White House holiday cards go to political supporters, people who the administration wishes were political supporters, people who have fooled the administration into thinking they are political supporters, and staff. And the staff’s friends. And, yes, the media,” the Christian Science Monitor explained in 2009.

How to get on the White House Christmas card list

White House Christmas Card

The 2017 official White House Christmas card | Alex Wong/Getty Images

The general rule is that you need to be a political insider in order to get your name on the White House Christmas card list. Making a large donation to the current president’s political party can increase your chances of receiving a greeting, though it’s not a guarantee.

As for how many people received a card mailed from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, that’s not clear. George W. Bush mailed out 1.5 million cards one year.

Presidents have been delivering holiday greetings since at least 1927, when President Coolidge asked newspapers to publish his Christmas message.

In the 1950s, President Eisenhower added numerous names to the White House Christmas card list, including American ambassadors, Cabinets members, members of Congress, and foreign heads of states. Richard Nixon introduced the idea of using the cards as a reward for those who’d earned his favor.

How to send a Christmas card to the Trump family

Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Barron Trump

Melania, Barron, and Donald Trump | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

While you might not be enough of a big-wig to make it onto the White House Christmas card list, you can include the Trumps on your holiday card list. Cards can be mailed to the president at:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

If you were considering sending a batch of your favorite homemade cookies to the Trumps, don’t. Perishable should not be sent to the White House. The Trumps also discourage people from sending other gifts and urge people to donate instead to their favorite charity.

Requesting greetings from the White House  

There is no way to ask for a Christmas card from the White House, but you can request greetings for other occasions. You may be able to get a card from the president to recognize:

  • A birthday of someone 80 years of age or over
  • Couples who are celebrating a wedding anniversary for 50 years of marriage or more
  • Religious milestones, such as bar and bat mitzvahs
  • Retirement
  • Graduation
  • Achievement of the Eagle Scout or the Girl Scout Gold Award
  • Birth or adoption of a child (send request after the baby’s birth)
  • Wedding (send requests after wedding date)

Previously, you were able to request greetings on the White House website. Now, you can request greetings through your Senator or Congressperson. You may also write to the White House with details of your request.

Make sure you include the name of the person or people who are being honored, the type of event, and the date, as well as your contact information. Greetings are only sent to American citizens.

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