Can You Watch the Original ‘Veronica Mars’ Series On Hulu?

The idea of a neo-noir mystery series designed for teens must have received perplexing stares from UPN network suits when hearing the pitch in the early 2000s. Then again, they might have considered it a missing niche for teens looking for something different.

Whatever the initial reaction was, creator Rob Thomas sold Veronica Mars without hesitation.

When it debuted on UPN in 2004 with Kristen Bell in the lead, the critics were giddy, but viewership was ultimately tepid. The teen market maybe wasn’t overly familiar with the noir concept, something that had its peak decades earlier in b&w cinema.

After two seasons on UPN, and one on CW Network, Veronica Mars ended. Then it spawned a movie and an upcoming revival on Hulu.

It pays to watch the original series first before seeing the revival

You can certainly call the original series of Veronica Mars binge watchable since only three seasons were produced. This doesn’t include the popular reunion movie in 2014 that became a reality thanks to an innovative Kickstarter campaign. Through this stunning act of generosity, the movie had theatrical play, plus a release to streaming platforms.

The movie was an example of how many fans the show initially had and proved a wide-ranging power of public fundraising sites in going above network heads.

Fortunately, the original series and the reunion movie are still in the public consciousness. Considering the movie more or less wrapped up the series, though, some find it surprising the show is about to be revived with an eight-episode commitment.

Fans are wondering whether Hulu will realistically allow fans to watch the original series and movie through their streaming service.

You’ll have to wait until summer to watch the series and movie on Hulu

At the moment, you can find Veronica Mars on Amazon Prime for a streaming fee. However, Hulu is going to exclusively acquire the original series (plus the reunion movie) this summer just before the revival series premieres July 26. Veronica Mars may also be available for Comcast/Xfinity customers through Streampix.

Kristen Bell has shown gratitude to Hulu for this so everyone can brush up on what happened 12 years ago, and in the movie five years ago. It’s not to say anyone should expect the very same series in the revival. New plot elements will be introduced, in addition to new characters.

What we hope will stay intact is the neo-noir feel, a stylized method that made it stand apart from any other teen show in existence. Of course, now it can finally be billed as a show strictly for adults with the former cast well into adulthood.

If you feel like you need to catch up, streaming the series isn’t the only place to see the show’s incarnations.

Novels, and a brief 2014 web spinoff series

Producer Rob Thomas had a lot of revival ideas for Veronica Mars the year the series went off the air in 2007. He had a movie idea in the works almost immediately, outside of taking years to finally get it done through fan donations.

Once the reunion movie released, Thomas co-authored several novels based on the series, all of which became bestsellers. One was a standalone novel, another was an e-book, and the third was an audiobook narrated by Kristen Bell.

These are all worth reading to play catch-up, not including an offbeat web spinoff series once shown on CW’s streaming service CW Seed. Called Play it Again, Dick, it was a comedy meta series featuring Ryan Hansen (who played Richard “Dick” Casablancas) trying to convince his fellow cast members to support a spinoff show with his character.

All of these alternate media properties are still available, including the web series on iTunes.

Will the revival bring newer fans to this unique series?

True fans of Veronica Mars have always been frustrated it didn’t get the audience it deserved. A new eight-episode revival should help develop a more decent audience, especially when it was so criminally ignored in the UPN/CW days.

As a result, we hope it brings the look and feel of noir back to other TV and movie projects. The show proved it can still be done without having to use black and white cinematography to capture the atmosphere.