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Since we’re approaching Halloween time, many people have horror flicks on their minds and are in the market to see something new. While there are a number that will be released before 2019 is over, moviegoers can also expect to see some of their favorite franchises from the past resurrected in the coming months.

Here’s a list of which scary characters are rising from the dusty depths in the form of reboots.

Tony Todd and Virginia Madsen in 'Candyman'
Tony Todd and Virginia Madsen in ‘Candyman’ | TriStar/Getty Images

‘Brahms: The Boy II’: Dec. 6, 2019

If you were one of the people who enjoyed watching 2016’s The Boy, then you’ll be pleased to learn that a sequel is dropping this year. Even though the doll wasn’t even the culprit in the first film, it’s making its way out of its buried spot in the back yard to terrorize the new residents of Heelshire Mansion.

Katie Holmes stars as a mother of a young boy who becomes fixated with the doll named “Brahms.”

‘Black Christmas’: Dec. 13, 2019

A remake of the 1974 film, this modernized version of Black Christmas pits sorority sisters against a psychopathic killer:

“Hawthorne College is quieting down for the holidays. But as Riley Stone (Poots) and her Mu Kappa Epsilon sisters… prepare to deck the halls with a series of seasonal parties, a black-masked stalker begins killing sorority women one by one. As the body count rises, Riley and her squad start to question whether they can trust any man. … Whoever the killer is, he’s about to discover that this generation’s young women aren’t about to be anybody’s victims.”

‘The Grudge’: Jan. 3, 2020

Are you ready for this one? After being pushed back a few times, The Grudge film will arrive in theaters at the top of 2020. Sam Raimi is producing the movie for Sony Pictures, and Nicolas Pesce is directing.

His vision for the film will take things in an unexpected direction, and he told Bloody Disgusting that this installment is not a sequel or remake, but it takes place during the same time as the events in the 2004 version:

“So for people who know the old movies, American and Japanese, super well, they’ll see fun ways that we’ve connected it into the mythology and into the story and storylines that existed, while still making a totally separate story that, for all the people who haven’t seen the Grudge movies, this will still make sense to them.”

‘Saw’: May 15, 2020

Chris Rock is behind this reboot for the ninth film in the Saw franchise, and he’s bringing some friends. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Samuel L. Jackson is slated to star as the father of Rock’s character, who’s a detective investigating horrific crimes.

Rock created the fresh Saw story and is a fan of the original series. He’s putting a new spin on it that will honor the horror that fans have come to love about it.

‘Candyman’: June 12, 2020

Candyman is already in production and the world’s newest prince of horror is helming its return. None other than Jordan Peele is overseeing the film which is being dubbed by MGM Studios as a “spiritual sequel” to the original.

Per HN Entertainment, MGM states: “The film will be shot entirely in Chicago and feature various locations throughout the city, including the neighborhood where the legend began: the now-gentrified North Side where the Cabrini-Green housing projects once stood.”

Not only is Tony Todd reprising his role as the titular character, but he’ll be joined by Yahya Abdul-Mateen (Aquaman, Us) and Teyonah Parris (WandaVision). No other details have been released about the film’s plot, but fans are actually excited about this one and specifically that Todd is back.