‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Shows Box Office Supremacy

Dystopian societies have proven to do pretty well in theaters, but not even an act of God can compete with a superhero in the box office. Divergent enjoyed a weekend at the top of the box office during its first week, and then Noah bumped it to take the No. 1 spot. But this weekend was Captain America’s turn, as Captain America: The Winter Soldier took the cake — and a whole lot of it.

The book-based Divergent had a strong opening weekend three weeks ago with a box office take of $54.6 million according to Box Office Mojo. It took in less than half that amount for its second weekend as the biblical epic Noah hit theaters. This weekend, it dropped down to an estimated $13 million. Tris might have been able to stand up to her oppressive government, but she didn’t have as much luck against Noah or Captain Steve Rogers.

Noah had the added strength of being new during its opening weekend, which helped it to top Divergent with a box office take of $43.7 million. Unfortunately, the film didn’t float quite as well as ark. Its estimated take for this weekend fell to $17 million — a 61.1 percent decline. It still managed to grab second place above Divergent.

This weekend, Captain America: The Winter Soldier not only beat the former office champs for No. 1, but it also beat the takes each had on their respective opening weekends. With a box office take of $96.2 million by Box Office Mojo’s estimate, proving once again that superheroes are winners. The film did have the added strength of a somewhat dystopian plot that may ring true for a lot of people concerned by the reach of the NSA.

At $96.2 million, the Captain America sequel snatched up more than the total gross of Noah in its two weeks in cinemas, Non-Stop in its six weeks, and The Grand Budapest Hotel in its five weeks. If the actual earnings prove even a little bit higher than the estimates, it may even surpass all of 300: Rise of An Empire’s $104 million in five weeks, Mr. Peabody & Sherman’s $102 million in five weeks, or even Divergent’s three-week total of $114 million.

The estimates rank Cap’s latest outing as one of the most popular opening weekends in months. Cap’s buddy Thor didn’t even do as well when Thor: Dark World was released late last year. Neither The LEGO Movie nor Frozen had a single weekend as successful as The Winter Soldier’s opening. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was the most recent film to have a better opening weekend, and that was all the way back in November.

Superhero movies have been pretty consistently been showing just how super they are in the box office for years now – even the relatively unsuccessful Hulk franchise films had pretty good opening weekends. Fortunately for fans, they’ll be able to keep getting what they like, as there are more superhero films yet to come in the next year alone.

Between X-Men: Days of Future Past and Guardians of the Galaxy, there will be plenty of superhero goodness to entertain fans and continue proving superheroes’ power extends all the way into the box office.

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