Captain Lee from ‘Below Deck’ Answers Twitter’s Burning Questions

BELOW DECK — Season:6 — Pictured: Captain Lee Rosbach — (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)

Ever wonder why deckhand Ashton Pienaar from Below Deck had to stay in that tender for so long after his accident?  Or gotta know exactly how the tip works out, especially for the crew we don’t see on Below Deck? From time to time, fans will pose these questions directly to Captain Lee Rosbach. And luckily for those on Twitter, he tries to answer as many as possible.

So seriously: why couldn’t have bosun and BFF Ross Inia have just taken a jet ski out to get Pienaar while he was injured and likely traumatized on that tender? Here you go!

Where does the off-camera crew sleep?

An excellent question, especially now that fans saw a Below Deck cameraman free Pienaar’s leg from the ropes of death on the show.

Q: How many crew members are off camera? Is it just the engineer and officers? Where do they sleep?

A: The sleep in their own bunks, we may use one of the guest rooms if we have to as there are usually one or two extras.

Does everyone on the crew get a tip?

Viewers see Rosbach distribute the booty to the crew on the show. But since we know there are others working on the superyacht, do they too get the tip? Or are they cut out?

Q: I have a super weird and unrelated question for you and I hope it’s not too uncouth of me to ask- Do you get to take a tip or does it go to your off-camera engineers/ first officer?

A: Everyone on the yacht crew on and off camera gets an equal share. Makes no difference whether you are on camera or not. We all live and operate at one crew.

Oh myyyyy

This question was actually posed to the Twitterverse by author, actress, and producer Jaime Primak. And Rosbach added his response to the burning question about what he finds attractive in another.

Q: What is your favorite body part of the opposite sex that is NOT a private part?

A: Eyes, they are the window to your soul.

Why did Ashton have to chill on that tender for so long?

Ashton Pienaar | Ashton Pienaar Instagram

After the worst accident in Below Deck history, Ashton Pienaar, the deckhand who almost died by drowning had to swim to a tender the yacht was towing. And while Pienaar was safe on the tender, he had to remain on it for more than an hour until he could be treated. And return to his cabin to rest.

Fans didn’t love the fact he was on that tender alone for such a long time.

Q: Being one of your biggest fans, I’m sticking up for you in other threads. Some people are very upset he was alone for over an hour in the tinder. He says on radio he is fine.Can you PLEASE explain why he was alone for that length of time so I can retweet and shut them up.

A. We were in open ocean at the time and could not bring the tender along side safely. I was in constant contact w/him the whole way to the anchorage where we could bring him in safely. There are times where circumstances dictate you tough it out for a while, this was one of those.

What about just sending Ross on a jet ski?

Another fan wondered why bosun Ross Inia couldn’t have gone out to the tender on a jet ski to rescue Pienaar. Rosbach explains why that wouldn’t work.

Q: why couldn’t Ross take jet ski or something to boat to be with him?

A: You cannot launch a jet ski in rolling seas, it would slam into the side of the yacht and there would be no way you could get someone on it safely. It simple was not an option. Things are different when you are offshore.

A: We make our own out of sea water.

How well is the crew trained?

Below Deck Crew | Kate Chastain Instagram

The Man Overboard episode got fans wondering how well crew was trained for an emergency. Especially in light that a cameraman was the one who freed Pienaar’s leg.

Q: how much overboard training does the crew get? I know this is a TV show so we typically see the fancy drinks & food but I’m curious about behind the scenes. Do you have time to run drills or is the schedule too packed?
A: Every crew member gets a safety briefing on the yacht by the 1st officer, it usually takes most of the day. Everyone’s papers are inspected and copied and logged in to the crew list. We have shown crew drills in the past, but we haven’t shown the drills lately.

Does Captain Lee think the crew ‘screwed the pooch’ with the accident?

Rosbach reviewed the accident with the crew on video, pointing out how they could have done things differently. One error was that deckhand Rylee Gerber calmly said “man overboard” into her radio only once. One Twitter user wondered if Rosbach was angry with Gerber.
A: But Captain did you not say “she should have said it more”? I feel like you were mad about the way she handled the situation…

Does Captain Lee eat chicken?

Adrian Martin | Adrian Martin Instagram

In a recent episode, a guest turned her nose up at a beautiful chicken dinner Chef Adrian Martin prepared. Not only was the primary guest horrified, basically everyone who watched the episode couldn’t believe the guest remarked that chicken is for “poor people.” So…

Q: Owning up to a mistake shows real class…do you eat chicken? lol
A: Oh, hell yeah, love chicken.
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