Captain Lee From ‘Below Deck’ Schools Jax Taylor From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ on Twitter

School is in session for Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules with Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck passing along his brand of education.

Taylor is known for exchanging spicy tweets with fans, often blocking people on Twitter. He spent Sunday with his wife Brittany Cartwright in their expansive, tastefully decorating home. The couple playfully did shots as Cartwright prepared a feast for two.

Jax Taylor and Captain Lee
Jax Taylor and Captain Lee | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

He even had a fun exchange with Ronnie Karam from the hilarious Watch What Crappens podcast duo. Karam tweeted, “It’s my birthday. I haven’t been blocked by @mrjaxtaylor have I done something wrong?” Taylor then responded, “The day is still young.”

But then he wrote this tweet

Although it doesn’t appear as though anything significant happened, Taylor warned Twitter followers to keep their opinions to themselves. “Listen closely to all those who like to tweet your bullshit to me. the day you become perfect is the day you can give me your opinion and advice, until then, worry about you. Your life will be more fulfilled,” he wrote shortly after tweeting a funny picture about pumpkin beer.

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck, who certainly doesn’t mince words, responded to Taylor. “Just wanted to see if I have this right, you only take advice or listen to opinions of those who are perfect. Well that certainly narrows the field doesn’t it?”

Of course, that caused Taylor’s original message to completely backfire as Twitter erupted. “@capthlr Well said. @mrjaxtaylor ,, Riding a high horse does not make a tall man I hope some people realise it before they get thrown,” one person responded to the thread. Others simply applauded Rosbach for calling Taylor out. One person reminded Rosbach that he’s probably going to get blocked now too.

This isn’t the first time the two got into a Twitter scuffle

The two got into a heated Twitter exchange in March too. Taylor responded to a fan’s question about reality show authenticity. “The biggest question I get is, why do you think our show is successful?” Taylor tweeted. “Easy answer, listen up networks!! If you want to do a show w/ similar format to ours pick a group of friends that already exist and have chemistry, casted shows are fake and don’t work.”

Rosbach responded, “Really?” Which meant game on. The two volleyed back and forth on Twitter about the realness of their own shows. “Real world they told the audience it was casted, 8 complete strangers picked to live together? It said it in the opening credits, so that’s fine, I am talking about the shows that are on today where the cast claims to be ‘friends’ on shows, but you can tell it’s been casted.”

Taylor ended up trying to clarify his tweets. He wrote that he never implied Below Deck was fake but wanted to know why Rosbach was reacting so strongly. “I have nothing to hide @mrjaxtaylor, was just wondering why you lumped all show that have cast as fake, especially since you stated that you have never watched it. Nothing to hide just curious as to how you reached that conclusion. Thats all,” Rosbach responded.