Captain Lee From ‘Below Deck’ Sets the Scene for Rough Seas Ahead

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck has made his first entry to the highly anticipated “Captain’s Log” and it doesn’t appear all will be rosy on Valor this season.

Rosbach doesn’t offer any spoilers but does set the scene for at least one tense relationship on the high seas. He breaks down his observations about a number of crew members, plus his overall thoughts about how the intense heat in Thailand will impact laundry on the boat.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

He wrote, “I can see right off that we probably didn’t order enough uniforms because Thailand is really hot and we are going thru uniforms at a rapid rate, the laundry will be working OT to keep up.” Although the heat may be problematic, this relationship may also become an issue.

The writing was on the wall from day one

Chastain has already shared that she and chef Kevin Dobson had a tense season. Rosbach echoed that even day one was a little uneasy. “I do sense a bit of tension between you and Kevin,” Rosbach shared. “But it’s way too early to say that it will amount to anything at all at this point. 1 st day, new crew, I didn’t see anything at all to be overly concerned with.”

However, “It seems from the previews that we do have some choppy waters ahead and I can’t wait to see what the catalyst is that prompts some of this action coming up. And not all of it appears to be good.”

Rosbach admitted that Dobson has strong culinary skills. “Kevin, looks like your culinary skills are up to par. I do hope to see some creativity though when you start plating. I’ve got a hunch that you won’t disappoint at all. You keep a very clean and organized galley, I like that a lot.” Rosbach also addressed the unfortunate stomach issue that gripped Dobson. “I’m sorry that you were a bit under the weather but I think you are handling it properly, and glad to see you using proper sanitation procedures.”

He sees promise but also drama with this crew

Rosbach continued with his observations about Dobson. This time about his sense of humor. “I also noticed that you have a healthy appreciation for sarcasm,” he shared. “While I do as well, with a new crew, 1 st day on a new boat, maybe that should be saved for after you have gotten to know everyone a wee bit better so as not to alienate the people you are going to be working with for the next 9 charters. Just a thought. All in all.”

While Rosbach seemed happy to have Ashton Pienaar return as bosun he added, “I did see some things in the previews that did give me cause for concern.” Then he pivoted to remark, “Oh and another red head in your crew, I caught that double take when you first met Abby. Definitely a deer in the headlight look on your face.”

He seemed to be comfortable with stews Courtney Skippon and Simone Mashile. “Courtney, I think you have way more potential than you let on, but I do find your honesty about certain things funny in a good way,” Rosbach wrote. “Simone, I think that you will do well. You seem to be attentive and adaptive and show a willingness to get the job done.”

The drama is just getting started when Below Deck returns Monday on Bravo at 9/8 central.