‘Captain Marvel’: 10 Things We Know About Carol Danvers From the Comics

If the Avengers hope to take down Thanos in Avengers 4, they’re going to need some help. Luckily, a new superhero is about to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Captain Marvel.

This was implied in the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War. Captain Marvel will first make her debut in the solo film Captain Marvel in March 2019, only to join the Avengers in Avengers 4.

So who is Captain Marvel, exactly? Brie Larson will be playing this character from the comic, who is known as Carol Danvers. Here’s what we know about her from the source material, including the reason she’ll be such a powerful asset in Avengers 4.

1. She’s not the original Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers in the Marvel Comics.

Carol Danvers | Marvel Comics

  • Carol Danvers was not the original Captain Marvel.

Carol Danvers was not the first person to use the name Captain Marvel in the comic books. Instead, it was a character named Mar-Vell, a Kree alien who comes to Earth in order to observe humanity.

It’s often the case in the comics that multiple characters use the same alias over the years, and Marvel doesn’t always base their movies on the original hero. For instance, Ant-Man focuses on Scott Lang, with Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, being a mentor.

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2. She gets her powers through an accident

Carol Danvers featured in the Marvel comics.

Carol Danvers has a strong military background. | Bianca8bitwolfe via Instagram

  • After an accident, she becomes half-human half-Kree.

When we meet Carol Danvers, she’s an officer in the Air Force and then later the head of security for NASA. She comes across the Kree alien Mar-Vell. Then, one day, Danvers gets caught up in a Kree device explosion, and it merges her DNA with that of Mar-Vell.

The result is that she becomes half human and half Kree and gains superpowers. This will presumably take place in the film Captain Marvel; Jude Law has signed on to play Mar-Vell.

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3. She was first called Ms. Marvel

A Ms. Marvel comic book.

She wasn’t always known as Captain Marvel. | Chloes_comic_swag via Instagram

  • She first went by Ms. Marvel.

After getting her powers, Carol Danvers still didn’t go by the name Captain Marvel for a while; Mar-Vell was using it. Instead, for years, she was referred to as Ms. Marvel.

It wasn’t until decades later, in July 2012, when Carol actually took the proper Captain Marvel name. By this point, Mar-Vell had died of cancer, and many other characters had used the name over the years.

It’s also at this point that Captain Marvel gets the red, yellow and blue suit she’s expected to wear by the end of the 2019 film.

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4. She had a split personality at first

Carol Danvers in the Marvel Comics.

She would eventually control both personalities. | Marvel Comics

  • At first, she had a split personality. 

For a while, Carol Danvers didn’t even realize that she was Ms. Marvel. The idea was that whenever there was danger, Carol would suddenly become Ms. Marvel, but she wouldn’t remember doing so afterward.

This was just during the early days of Ms. Marvel, though, and she would eventually regain control over both aspects of her personality.

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5. She has an impressive lineup of superpowers

Carol Danvers lifting a large car.

She is extremely strong. | Marvel Comics

  • She’ll be the most powerful character in the MCU.

After her accident, Carol Danvers boasts an impressive lineup of superpowers, including super strength and the ability to fly faster than the speed of sound. In addition, Carol can also absorb and shoot blasts of energy, and she has a precognitive sixth sense. Her powers do change over time, though; she’s much more powerful as Binary, for example.

With this array of powers, it makes sense that Kevin Feige says that once Carol is introduced, she’ll be the most powerful character in the MCU. You can basically think of her as the MCU’s Superman.

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6. She has been a member of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy

Captain Marvel helping Ms. Marvel up.

You might have seen her in The Avengers. | Marvel Comics

  • She has joined a number of different groups in the comics.

Carol Danvers has been a member of several Marvel teams, including the Avengers. She has done so as Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and other identities like Warbird. Danvers becomes particularly close with Spider-Man, which might be interesting to see play out in the MCU.

In addition, Carol has also been a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. In general, the character has been known to spend time in space, and it’s established that going to space was always her dream. So that may be where she has been during the events of the MCU so far.

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7. She sided with Iron Man during Civil War

Ms. Marvel in an illustration.

She picked a side to fight on. | Marvel Comics

  • She was on Iron Man’s side.

In the MCU, Carol Danvers wasn’t around during the events of Civil War. However, she was in the comics, and she ended up siding with Iron Man. The conflict was a bit different in the comics than in the movie, though; in the comics, the Avengers were split over a law requiring them to register with the government and stop using secret identities.

Later, however, Danvers opposes Iron Man in Civil War II, which revolves around looking into the future to prevent crimes from taking place.

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8. She has appeared in X-Men comics

Carol Danvers smiling and raising her arms.

Danvers has had encounters with the X-Men. | Marvel

  • She has had a lot of storylines in the X-Men comics.

Unlike in the MCU, the Avengers and the X-Men exist in the same universe in the comics. So Carol Danvers has been involved in a number of storylines with the X-Men. It’s during an X-Men comic that Carol temporarily takes on the new identity of Binary, becoming even more powerful. She rejects an offer to join the X-Men officially, though.

In addition, she also had a key storyline with Rogue, who was played in the movies by Anna Paquin. In an attempt to stop a future accident, Rogue attacks Carol Danvers and ends up absorbing all of her powers. Carol’s consciousness also sticks in Rogue’s mind for a while, driving her crazy until Magneto brings her back to normal.

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9. She’s considered to be a strong feminist character

Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel in the comics.

She’s an important character in Marvel’s history. | Marvel

  • She emerged during the women’s liberation movement. 

Carol Danvers was introduced as a superhero while the women’s liberation movement was in full swing. It was not insignificant that she was referred to as “Ms. Marvel,” rather than “Miss Marvel” or “Mrs. Marvel;” she was an independent woman who had to deal with issues like equal pay that women were actually struggling with in real life.

At one point during this time, Carol ended up working for J. Jonah Jameson at a women’s magazine, clashing with him when he just wanted the magazine to include recipes and fashion tips whereas Carol wanted to turn it into a publication focusing on women’s lib.

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10. She was once a part of a highly controversial storyline

Carol Danvers under water.

Carol Danvers was once part of a very dark storyline. | Marvel

  • This storyline made fans pretty upset. 

Carol Danvers hasn’t always been depicted in a progressive way, though, as evidenced by the highly controversial Avengers #200 storyline. In this comic book, a villain kidnaps and rapes Ms. Marvel. To make matters worse, she’s also brainwashed into having feelings for her rapist, and she goes off to live with him.

This did not go over well and remains one of the most controversial Marvel plots to this day. Needless to say, we won’t be seeing this play out in the MCU.

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