‘Captain Marvel 2’: Brie Larson’s Marvel Hero Takes on the MCU’s Next Huge Cosmic Villain in New Fan Art

After years of rumors and speculation, Captain Marvel finally hit theaters in 2019. And Oscar winner Brie Larson officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starting with Phase 4, Larson is positioned to take an even more central role going forward. And one fan might have cracked exactly how she’ll be so integral to the MCU’s never over-arching story.

Brie Larson at the 'Captain Marvel' European gala
Brie Larson at the ‘Captain Marvel’ European gala | Mike Marsland/WireImage

Brie Larson’s returning to the MCU in 2022’s ‘Captain Marvel 2’

For more than a year after Captain Marvel’s theatrical release, fans didn’t know when to expect the sequel. Finally, Marvel Studios announced Captain Marvel 2 among several pandemic-related scheduling changes. The movie will hit theaters on July 8, 2022.

Except for Larson’s return, we don’t know anything really about the sequel. Fans aren’t even sure if the movie will pick up after Avengers: Endgame or keep Carol Danvers in the 1990s. Either approach could work. But if Captain Marvel 2 is set in the present, it could be more important than we think.

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Could the ‘Captain Marvel’ sequel introduce the MCU’s next Big Bad?

Based on the way Marvel Studios revealed Phase 4, many fans expect it to conclude with the Doctor Strange sequel. However, the company has been known to shift its plans. So the 2022 release of Captain Marvel 2 means it could still be the final installment of Phase 4.

As such, this would be the perfect place for the MCU to introduce the next big threat. Just as Thanos first appeared in the mid-credits scene for The Avengers, the final moments of Captain Marvel 2 could tease another cosmic villain, namely the world-devouring Galactus.

Since Phase 4 is all about establishing the new status quo, it’s unlikely to introduce another Thanos-level baddie until the end. Then Phases 5 and 6 could see Galactus inch ever closer to destroying Earth. If that’s where the MCU is headed, such a strategy has certainly worked before.

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New fan art thinks Galactus would be the perfect villain for the movie

With Disney’s acquisition of Fox complete, the MCU now has access to not only Galactus but also pivotal Marvel villains as Doctor Doom and Kang the Conqueror. And given Galactus’ status as a cosmic being, the similarly themed Captain Marvel series is the most appropriate place for him to appear first.

To that end, Instagram user MarveFX designed a new fan-made poster for Captain Marvel 2. The image hints at Galactus as the main villain. Moreover, the inclusion of a present-day Nick Fury and Tom Holland’s Spider-man reveals this hypothetical movie would be set in 2020s.

Fans are likely a long way away from learning anything substantive about Captain Marvel 2. But it’s looking likely the movie will be a substantial one for the MCU. Larson’s hero is certainly around for the long haul, and her off-the-charts power set means the next Avengers line-up will need her leadership.