This Is Who Most Fans Want To Direct The Next ‘Captain Marvel’ Movie

Captain Marvel is quite the controversial movie. Its star Brie Larson receives a lot of negativity for the role. Nevertheless, the movie did well at the box office so a sequel is definitely happening at some point in the future. Right now Captain Marvel 2 needs a director and Marvel is looking for one.

Fans, of course, have their ideas. While not every fan will agree, we were able to find quite a few suggesting the same person.

The ‘amazing pick’ fans have found for director of ‘Captain Marvel 2’

Brie Larson will star in 'Captain Marvel 2': a director is being looked for and fans have ideas
Brie Larson at the Captain Marvel premiere | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Marvel is hoping to find a female director for the movie. Many fans on Twitter are suggesting Deborah Chow for the director of Captain Marvel 2. One fan not only suggests Chow for the project, but also thinks she would be “an amazing pick.” Another fan says she “would be great.”

But who is this director that fans want for Captain Marvel 2? According to her IMDb page, she is a director and a writer. She has directed a variety of genres and is familiar with Marvel, having directed episodes of Iron Fist and Jessica Jones. She has also directed episodes of Mr. Robot, The Vampire Diaries, and Fear the Walking Dead.

She is best known for directing episodes of Better Call Saul, American Gods, and The Mandalorian. For Better Call Saul she directed a 2018 episode called “Something Stupid.” For American Gods, she directed a 2019 episode called “Muninn.” She also directed two episodes of The Mandalorian, “Chapter Three: The Sin” and “Chapter Seven: The Reckoning.”

She has also been announced as the director for a currently untitled Star Wars series about Obi-Wan Kenobi.

What makes Deborah Chow stand out for fans

Given her impressive body of work and her familiarity with Marvel, it makes sense that fans would want Chow to be the director for Captain Marvel 2. Yet what is it that makes her stand out to fans? Well, we’ll let them tell you in their own words.

One fan on Twitter believes that choosing Chow “would please everyone.” While that’s not possible for any movie, especially one as controversial as Captain Marvel 2 will probably be, it does seem that she would be a good choice. Another fan wants her to direct because “she does cool sci-fi action.” It certainly seems that a lot of the shows she’s directed fall under the sci-fi genre and many sci-fi shows do include action.

Another fan has nothing but good things to say about Chow, who has “been killing it on The Mandalorian and Mr. Robot.” According to this fan, “she can do moody character-driven [stories] and epic action.” All things that a director for Captain Marvel 2 would need to be able to do. Another fan likes her because she understands “that these movies are for all people, not just women.”

Deborah Chow just wants ‘to be a good director’ and she’d probably be great for ‘Captain Marvel 2’ — here’s why

Chow seems to have a wide appeal and she’s good with sci-fi, action, and character-driven stories? Sign us up! Chow also seems like she could handle being the director for Captain Marvel 2. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she speaks about being the first woman and the first person of Asian descent to direct a live-action Star Wars story.

She says she wants “to be a good director, not a good female director, not a good Asian director. But by the same token, obviously, my career path and the representation… it is important. It is meaningful. I want to see more women directors and I want to see more directors of color.”

Chow definitely seems to understand the importance of diversity and representation in front of and behind the camera, while focusing on what is important: the work.