‘Captain Marvel 2’ May Mirror ‘Captain America: Civil War:’ Similarities and Differences

Though Captain Marvel’s second outing will not be a part of Phase 4, the Air Force fighter pilot turned intergalactic superhero will likely receive her second installment in Phase 5. Captain Marvel opened to widespread positive critical reception and — despite many who tried to dismantle the movie’s success — its box office performance spoke for itself. However, when Captain Marvel 2 rolls around, the heroine may be fighting side-by-side with a few Avengers fans have come to know and love. 

Captain Marvel
‘Captain Marvel’ Canadian Premiere | GP Images/Getty Images for Disney Studios

In the first film, it was the 1990s and Danvers had a little assistance from Fury — a Fury who had yet to form the Avengers. However, outside a surprised and supportive Fury, she was virtually on her own. 

Insider reports suggest that Captain Marvel 2 may feature a handful of other Avengers; thus, some outlets have suggested that the film will mirror Captain America: Civil War. However, in other ways, it will be a departure from the central element at the heart of the Captain America v. Iron Man debacle. 

What we know about ‘Captain Marvel 2’ so far (similarities to ‘Civil War’)

In a format similar to Captain America: Civil War, Captain Marvel 2 will allegedly feature a few major superheroes. We Got This Covered (WGTC) and other outlets have discussed Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones’ potential appearances in the movie. 

Rather than having multiple Avengers team-up for a major mash-up (i.e. Infinity War and Endgame), the movie will feature a select group of heroes — like Civil War — who are integral to the story at hand, and who will likely play a role in establishing character dynamics that will carry the franchise into future. Jessica Jones and Captain Marvel boast a comic book history that deserves some on-screen exploration; the movie could be an opportunity to take a deep-dive into their relationship.

In terms of establishing personality differences and identities, as well as setting up alignment within the superhero team, the movie may emulate Civil War; however, there’s one pivotal difference at play. 

All the “good guys” will be on the same side in ‘Captain Marvel 2’

As WGTC notes, if Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Spider-Man come to play in Captain Marvel 2, they will all be fighting on the same side — they will all be helping Carol Danvers defeat the Skrulls. 

Carol Danvers will likely find herself in a giant battle against the Skrulls — a battle that she alone will not be able to handle. Thus, with a little help from some friends and heroes, she will be able to guarantee success. Unlike in Civil War, in which the good guys are divided, in Captain Marvel 2, the good guys will be united against a common enemy. 

In some ways — in terms of scale and the potential to build relationships and define identities — Captain Marvel 2 may mimic Civil war; however, at the narrative surface, the two films will be quite different.